16 Ukrainian soldiers and one civilian have been freed from captivity

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TUESDAY, 28 JUNE 2022, 14:21

The Coordination Headquarters for the Treatment of Prisoners of War [of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine] has conducted an exchange of prisoners of war based on a 17 for 15 formula.

Source: "Ukrainska Pravda" reporter; the press service of the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine

Quote: "16 members of the Ukrainian military, 2 officers and 14 soldiers, are coming home. One civilian has also been liberated".

Details: The "Ukrainska Pravda" reporter who was present at the exchange stated that the Ukrainian prisoners of war included marines, infantrymen and paratroopers. Some of them were captured two months ago.

The exchange took place on the border of Kherson and Mykolaiv oblasts.

At least five of those who have been freed need urgent medical care. They had been taken to Russia, then to occupied Crimea, and were held in hospitals. They say that conditions were acceptable but they couldn’t get in touch with their family.

Background: On 28 June, Ukraine recovered the bodies of 46 deceased Ukrainian soldiers, 21 of whom were "Azovstal" defenders.