17 Employees Who Left Their Jobs — Willingly Or Not — In Very, Very Petty Ways

Sometimes, we outgrow a job and leave on good terms, and other times...well, let's just say things aren't as friendly. As the great resignation pushes on, people have began sharing the petty ways former employees have either left their job or reacted to being ousted. Here's some of my faves:

Graphic of someone writing I Quit on paper
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1. This person who wrote their resignation letter on toilet paper as "a symbol of how [they] feel this company treated [them]":

2. This lottery winner felt moved to spend part of their earnings on manure for his boss's lawn:

3.This former staffer who graded and corrected a company memo on the way out:

A company memo with writing on it
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4.This Arby's employee who had quite the message they wanted to leave behind:

An Arby's sign saying, "Fuck you Tria, we quit"
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5. This perfect use of a SpongeBob meme:

6. This radio station that protested the firing of their staff by running the same song on a loop for nearly 17 hours straight:

7.This person who thanked managers for teaching them to look for "common human decency" when applying for future positions:

8. This person who left a warning for the company's future web developer:

9. This person who had some bad news for those stuck in traffic:

10. This person whose resignation email got straight to the point:

11. This drive-thru employee who left a notice behind for customers:

12. This person who couldn't take another second on the job and quit by scribbling this note:

13. This person who literally could not care less about their former job and now has me wondering how this saga will end:

14. This letter mourning the loss of a good employee who is moving on to bigger and better things:

15.This person who quit after their already-approved time off was taken back:

"Guess I quit then, I won't be coming in tonight"
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16.This staff that called out their manager when quitting:

17.And finally, this bro who tried to quit before management hit him with an Uno reverse and fired him:

"Ok well then don't bother ur fired for a no call no show"
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Now, I'm curious about the flip side. Have you ever quit a job? If you're comfortable sharing, tell us why and what happened in the comments.

H/T: r/antiwork@fuckyouiquit