17 LGBTQ+ Artists To Bump Beyond Pride Month

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With Pride month coming to an end, and with plenty of companies gearing up to do away with their rainbow-colored logos until June 2023, we have to be sure to continue supporting LGBTQ+ artists with the same fervor all year long.

In the spirit of continuing to highlight queer artists, here are 18 LGBTQ+ artists who will definitely liven up any playlist.

Bali Baby

Bali Baby, an artist who hails from North Carolina, is a loud-and-proud bisexual woman, as mentioned in a 2022 DJ Smallz Eyes interview.

She references her sexual attraction to women in tracks like “Foreign,” “Dip Dip Freestyle” and “Slick Rick.” People in the know may also recall her past beef with artists like Rico Nasty and Asian Doll.

Lil Wop

Lil Wop is another rapper who’s bringing bi representation to the table. He came out earlier this year in a now-deleted Instagram post that straightforwardly read, “I’m Bisexual I Like Guys & Girls It’s W.E.”

It’s also worth noting that Lil Wop was previously signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records.

KC Ortiz

KC Ortiz is a transgender artist who reps both Alabama and Chicago, and she’s serious about being innovative with her craft.

“As an artist, I always want to experience growth. One of my biggest fears is to get stuck. I always try to come from a different and new point of view to create something that I haven’t created before,” Ortiz said of her approach to her artistry during an interview with Paper.

Kidd Kenn

Kidd Kenn, whose stage-name was notably inspired by Nicki Minaj, is an artist who was the very-first openly gay rapper to perform in the BET Hip Hop Awards’ yearly cypher. A quick search of his name will also show that he’s made headlines over his artistry since the young age of 15.

Blavity also did an interview with him back in October 2021, so check that out if you want to learn more about this Chicago rapper.

Quay Dash

Quay Dash, a transgender rapper who reps New York City, has also made our list. With projects named Transphobic, “U.A.F.W.M.” and “Queen Of This Sh*t,” Quay Dash is here to shake the table and show the world what she’s got.

“I’m black, I’m trans, and I can actually rap. Plus, I’m pretty… When you have beauty, brains, and talent, that’s some s**t they can’t take,” she said in a 2017 interview with Dazed.

Tiger Goods

Next up is Tiger Goods, an artist whose 2021 Most Improved Award EP was dubbed “the soundtrack to Hot D*ke Summer” by Out.

“I like girls that are mean to me / You don’t know what you mean to me,” Tiger Goods sings in a track dubbed “Mean Girls.”

Princess Nokia

NYC rapper Princess Nokia is vocal about using she/they pronouns and has described herself as “sexually fluid” and “a gender non-conforming androgynous person.”

With bump-worthy projects like 1992 DeluxeA Girl Cried Red and Everything Is Beautiful, Princess Nokia probably has something that’ll suit your fancy.


Next up is CHIKA, who was memorably included in XXL’s 2020 Freshman Class alongside Jack Harlow, Latto, NLE Choppa and Polo G.

CHIKA, who is bisexual, is another artist who Blavity featured in a listicle, so you can learn more about her there.


Ah-Mer-Ah-Su is an artist who brings indie-pop vibes to the table, and she’s paving the way for more Black artists to embrace the genre.

“I would say that I have an eclectic music taste, and this has remained the same for a while,” she said during a 2018 interview with Billboard. “I mean, when you think of indie pop, do many Black 20-something-year-old transgender girls come to mind? No!”

Azealia Banks

As we begin veering into more-well-known artists, let’s touch on the ever-controversial Azealia Banks. Sure, you may know her for using her bisexuality as an excuse for espousing alleged homophobic sentiment, but she’s part of the LGBTQ+ community either way.

Love her or hate her, she’s clearly here to stay, and you can check out her discography here if interested.

Kevin Abstract

Kevin Abstract is an artist who’s bisexual, and he mentions his sexuality in his music to “speak for people who can’t speak,” per LA Weekly.

“They can play that song and sing it back and feel empowered,” he continued. “The more I do this, the easier it is for someone who’s struggling, you know?”


If you’ve spent enough time on Twitter, you’ve definitely one or two viral tweets made by Drebae.

Aside from dominating the social media world, Drebae has some bump-able tracks, including a fun collab with Megan Thee Stallion called “No Pressure.”

Young M.A

Young M.A, whose stage-name stands for “Me Always,” is a rapper who proudly reps her identity as a lesbian woman — though she primarily wants people to focus on her artistry rather than her sexuality, according to Genius.

Some of her most beloved tracks include “BIG,” “OOOUUU” and “NNAN.”

Saucy Santana

Next up is Saucy Santana. Whether you know him through his bond with City Girls, online clips or music, it’s a safe bet that you have an opinion on this Florida-born rapper.

We also have to acknowledge that he was recently announced as a member of XXL’s 2022 Freshman Class.


Kehlani, who came out as a lesbian last year after formerly identifying as queer, has also earned a shoutout on this list.

With beloved hits like “Hate The Club” and collabs with artists like Saweetie and Megan Thee Stallion, it’s a safe bet that Kehlani would be a great fit for many playlists.

Big Freedia

We had to include Big Freedia, the self-proclaimed Queen of Bounce, on this list as well.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know of Big Freedia through her public personae, reality TV appearances and/or music. An icon, Big Freedia is churning out new hits and continuing to bring that bounce energy.

Lil Nas X

Finally, we of course have Lil Nas X. Little introduction is needed for this Atlanta-bred superstar, who possesses a strong social media presence, a killer sense of humor and a poppin’ music career.

He also recently came out and aired his long-standing beef with BET, as Blavity previously reported, so let’s show extra support to this outspoken artist.

Who are some other LGBTQ+ artists that deserve a shoutout? Let us know down in the comments.