17-Year-Old Recovering From Terrible Accident In Woodstown, New Jersey

Dan Koob reports.

Video Transcript

- It is a miracle she's still alive. 17-year-old Julia Buck and three of her friends were in a terrible crash last month. They were driving home after getting ice cream in Woodstown. Julia spent weeks in the hospital and dozens of hours in surgery. Eyewitness News reporter Dan Koob talked with her today about her recovery, her resilience, and the rally of support behind her.

- Six weeks after a horrific car accident Julia Buck's spirits remain strong.

- It's horrible what has happened to me and my friends, but it's nice to see who is really there for you.

- Speaking to CBS 3 from a bed inside her rehab facility, the high school student is still recovering from this April 7 car crash that injured her and three friends but left Julia with a broken neck, pelvis, both femurs, ankle, left arm, and elbow.

JENNIFER BUCK: Just about broke every bone in her body except her right arm. She had 50 hours of surgery.

- Sunday saw more than pulled pork being served as a South Jersey community wrapped their arms around the Buck family.

JENNIFER BUCK: I have not cried in almost 40 days, but I feel like this community has showed how amazing they are.

- Wristbands, raffles, and food all donated, all proceeds intended for the Bucks.

RONALD BUCK: In our lowest time, they've come through for us.

- Julia says she has been touched by the outpouring of love from neighbors and celebrities during her stay in the hospital, which includes videos from former Eagle Wendell Smallwood, actress Olivia Munn, and Lea Michele.

- I hope that you know how strong you are.

- I just want you to know that I'm thinking about you and I'm sending you so much love and strength.

- I watched Glee all the time growing up. It's probably one of my favorite shows still.

- She knows life may be altered forever, but Julia is determined to pick herself up, because she is Julia strong.

- It's kind of hard sitting here watching like life go on for everybody else, and I'm just kind of stuck here. So it kind of makes you want to get to go in and try harder here to get home, so I can interact with everybody and get back to my normal life.

- In Mantua, Dan Koob, CBS 3 Eyewitness News.