17-year-old 'sauce boss' to appear on ABC's Shark Tank

Way to go, Tyla-Simone! 👏 👏 👏 This 17-year-old CEO from Missouri City earned a $100,000 investment on Shark Tank last night!

Video Transcript


TYLA-SIMONE CRAYTON: Sienna Sauce started when I was actually 14 years old. My mom, finally, after many years, was like you could bottle your sauce. Because I had created a sauce when I was eight years old.

We started by opening up a wing place out of our house, and a year after that, we launched the sauce. And I would wake up Sunday mornings, hand-bottle the sauce, package it, and then sell it to my local community. And once I got enough money from that, we were able to go to a professional manufacturer and get my sauce manufactured.

So I'm actually living in Sienna, Texas, and that's where the name originated from. Our community were the first people around to actually support us. And people even think my name is Sienna, that's the funniest thing, but it's really named after my community that helped me get it started.

So this is my office. We've been here for almost two years now. And we plan to keep on growing. Maybe we'll need a bigger space soon, hopefully.

So we can't talk about the recipe because it's a secret, but I will tell you our three flavors. They're Tangy, Lemon Pepper, and Spicy. The taste is absolutely fabulous, and our sauce is very unique because of our Lemon Pepper, which is our award-winning flavor two years in a row. It's amazing.

You know, I never put time restraints on anything, but for me to be 17 years old and be able to say I'm going to be on "Shark Tank" is an amazing opportunity. And not only I get to go on there with one of my best friends, my mom, is even better. Because we've been watching the show together and dreaming up ideas. And be a part of the "Shark Tank" family, you know, it's like kind of an exclusive club.

They have hundreds of thousands of applicants, and for them to choose us is even more of an honor. Nationwide, Sienna Sauce is sold in about 70 stores. We are now in five H-E-B stores in the local Houston area. In the beginning of the pandemic, it was actually very, very challenging for us, but we learned how to pivot.

The biggest thing for us was not being able to interact with our consumers. But we got on social media, and we were able to reach the whole world.

MONIQUE CRAYTON: You're really not on a passing one.

TYLA-SIMONE CRAYTON: Yeah. My mom, she's my right hand. Whatever I need, I know I can count on her.

MONIQUE CRAYTON: And I'm just honored to be her mom. And you know, she's a great, young CEO, and she's very humbled by this experience that has been given to her.

TYLA-SIMONE CRAYTON: And she's the president of the company. And you know, we work as a team. The sky's the limit for Sienna Sauce. Because everybody's dripping, everybody wants to be saucy. And we got the sauce, literally. So definitely, want to do cool, young, fun things like that. And like I said, the sky's the limit from here.