17-year-old wanted after teenager was shot and killed at house party, Georgia cops say

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A teenager’s life was cut short when shots rang out at a party that drew up to 100 guests, officials said.

Now, two people face murder charges in the New Year’s Eve shooting death, according to the Douglasville Police Department.

Davion White, 20, is in custody and a 17-year-old is still wanted on accusation of murder in the Atlanta-area homicide case, police said during a news conference. Two other teens who were in the car with them — ages 17 and 18 — are charged with aggravated assault, police said.

Officials in a Jan. 18 news release didn’t list attorneys for the suspects.

On Dec. 31, police said someone rented a house to have a party on Deering Court, west of downtown Atlanta.

“Word of the party, including the fact it would involve alcohol and drugs, was spread on social media and approximately 70-100 people, many of whom are teenagers, eventually showed up,” police said in their news release.

By about 12:30 a.m., officers responded to a report of someone shot. The 15-year-old — whom police didn’t identify publicly — died at the scene.

During an initial investigation, officials said they discovered a group was leaving in a car when some of them opened fire.

“At least two individuals in the vehicle were armed and began shooting back toward the direction of the party,” police said. “One of the bullets fired from the vehicle struck and killed a 15-year-old resident of Douglasville.”

Weeks after the shooting, chief Gary Sparks called for community members to hold others accountable, video of the news conference shows.

“Young people today, you need to make a turn because you have greatness within you but you are not using that greatness in a positive way,” Sparks said.

Officials said White was captured and faces several charges, including murder and gang-related violations. A 17-year-old, whom McClatchy News isn’t naming due to his age, is “wanted” on murder accusations and could be also charged with other crimes, officials said.

The two other people in the car were reportedly taken into custody and face aggravated assault charges.

“Detectives are continuing to investigate leads and more charges are possible for anyone who has attempted to aid the suspects in their flight from custody, attempts to conceal evidence, or committed any criminal acts related to the rental of the house and organizing of the party,” officials said on Jan. 18.

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