17 people homeless in NJ fire

A third alarm fire burned through several homes in Paterson Friday morning, leaving 17 people homeless. The fire broke out at a home on Lafayette Street just after 3 a.m.

Video Transcript

- And you're looking at live pictures from NewsCopter 7 in Paterson, New Jersey, where a three-alarm fire earlier this morning left 17 people homeless. This is the scene here on Lafayette Street, where fire broke out just before 3 o'clock this morning. You can see heavy damage on two of those homes. Fire department arrived to find heavy flames. Once they got inside, they were able to successfully get everybody out of the building. We have no serious injuries here to report. As you can see, the fire itself has been knocked down. Paterson Fire Department just wrapping up here on the scene. 17 people in these two buildings left without homes, currently displaced as a result of this fire.