17 Roommates Who Prove That Some People Actually Have Zero Respect For Others

1.This roommate who started a whole new ecosystem in the rice cooker:

rice cooker with old food and mold
u/tshoe777 / Via reddit.com

2.These roommates who absolutely obliterated some furniture:

pieces of furniture wood left all over the floor
u/thethinkernut / Via reddit.com

3.This roommate who treats the shower like his own personal changing room:

dirty clothes in the shower
u/OldSchoolPhotoshop / Via reddit.com

4.This roommate who let their kids rip into their roomie's food without asking:

two scoops of ice cream left in the pint
u/[deleted] / Via reddit.com

5.These roommates who left this passive aggressive note because they're too lazy to carry keys:

angry note saying not to lock the door because no one carries keys

The note says: "Don't lock the door. We don't do that here because no one carries a key. You've locked out three of us now on separate nights. I range the doorbell legit 150 times at 2 a.m. Had to sleep on a homie's couch. New house rules. No problem, But just don't lock it anymore.

u/Aquitanic / Via reddit.com

6.This roommate who decided to use a nightlight brighter than the sun:

the room lit up at night
u/fillmorecounty / Via reddit.com

7.This roommate who ~technically~ bought new toilet paper, but just barely:

hand holding up see through toilet paper
u/Average_Pelican / Via reddit.com

8.This roommate who really needs to learn how to clean while they cook:

kitchen with all the food prep left out
u/MadManD3vi0us / Via reddit.com

9.This roommate who ate a pie that wasn't theirs like a total heathen:

middle of the pie gone
u/BiggIrlCrUnK / Via reddit.com

10.This roommate who'd rather die than clean more than a single dish:

pile of dishes in the sink
u/Jwright7711 / Via reddit.com

11.This roommate who played one of the cruelest tricks known to man:

empty pizza box on the kitchen counter
u/dxxx12 / Via reddit.com

12.This roommate who said, "Nah, I'll just let the plants die":

dead plants
u/Lave_nas / Via reddit.com

13.This roommate who desecrated a sweet, homemade gift:

burned wooden spoon
u/Vinny7777777 / Via reddit.com
closeup of the burn marks and also a chip at the top
u/Vinny7777777 / Via reddit.com

14.This roommate who needs to realize that the fridge. is. COMMUNAL:

food thrown in the garbage
u/m48_apocalypse / Via reddit.com

15.These roommates who have absolutely zero respect:

sink overflowing with dirty dishes
u/TragicGirl11 / Via reddit.com

16.This roommate who left his luggage in the communal space for nearly a week:

opened luggage left on the kitchen counter
u/Final_v04 / Via reddit.com

17.And finally, this roommate who let the bathroom turn into a horror show:

bathroom sink turned black with gunk
u/itzsquiddim / Via reddit.com

H/T: r/mildlyinfuriating