17 Times In-Laws Stepped Wayyy Out Of Line And Made The Most Unhinged Decisions Ever

1.This person's father-in-law who *tried* searching for his married son's ex on Facebook:

father-in-law makes a facebook post of the ex's page instead of using the search bar
r/oldpeoplefacebook / Via reddit.com

2.This brother-in-law and his girlfriend who thought they should automatically get all the leftovers from the Thanksgiving meal they didn't even make:

person asking what to think of their brother in law and his gf asking for all the leftovers after thanksgiving
u/Mad_Hatter_9 / Via reddit.com

3.This mother-in-law who visited unannounced and stayed for a whole month — and then left things all over the house, like a bunch of dishes in the sink...

dirty dishes in the sink
u/_LumpBeefbroth_ / Via reddit.com

...used dental flossers...

floss stick
u/_LumpBeefbroth_ / Via reddit.com

...empty toilet paper holders...

empty toilet paper holder
u/_LumpBeefbroth_ / Via reddit.com

...whatever that is on the stove...

pot of broccoli and cheese
u/_LumpBeefbroth_ / Via reddit.com

...and SIGH — I THINK that's a toilet seat, so I'll let you guess what that might be:

closeup of a wet toilet seat
u/_LumpBeefbroth_ / Via reddit.com

4.This mother-in-law who had COVID and didn't tell the entire family while she was with them:

parent telling her mom that she and the kids have covid and the mom responding by saying yeah we had it last week and the parent saying, and you didnt tell me?
u/Stricky92 / Via reddit.com

5.This father-in-law — AND his friends — who sends his son-in-law these early morning "motivational" group texts:

mean texts coming from the group chat

6.This mother-in-law who refused to get a flu shot in order to meet her newborn grandchild — and decided to share her ~expertise~ on vaccines instead:

"we build our ammunity by being exploded to things otherwise we wouldnt be able to fight anything off. our bodies won't know how
u/rscarson / Via reddit.com

7.This person whose sister-in-law lives with them, uses their things, and always leaves her in-law's Peleton like this:

peleton bike covered in sweat
u/JBaNaNaS187 / Via reddit.com

8.This person's mother-in-law who eats ONE bite of a new banana every morning then leaves the rest "in case anyone wants one":

opened banana on the counter
u/Username_Used / Via reddit.com

9.This mother-in-law who gave her daughter-in-law a gift card to a yarn store — then got mad when she used it to knit a blanket as a gift for her:

mother in law mad that that the gift card for the yarn store was used to make a lovely bedspread
u/queentruty / Via reddit.com

10.This husband whose wife got him a nice pie for his birthday — and then the brother-in-law came over and decided to help himself to a big slice because he "didn't know what it was for":

pie with large piece missing
u/look_ima_frog / Via reddit.com

11.This grandmother-in-law who used this person's favorite mug to store grease:

mug that says a nice big cup of nope filled with grease
u/mobius153 / Via reddit.com

12.This mother-in-law who was upset her son and his wife's baby wasn't named after her:

son telling his mom that she can only see the baby if they are no longer sick
u/-BohemianMoon- / Via reddit.com
mom then being upset that the baby is named charlotte and wondering if it was a family name not on her side
u/-BohemianMoon- / Via reddit.com
son telling his mom that her name was considered but after thinking about it they went with another name and it's nothing personal
u/-BohemianMoon- / Via reddit.com
mom continuing to stay that they love them but to let them know if they are actually wanted at the baby's reveal
u/-BohemianMoon- / Via reddit.com

13.This mother-in-law who ~often~ sends urgent texts like these:

mom sending a chainletter text warning about a phone virus
u/Haunting_Spot_8002 / Via reddit.com

14.These parents-in-law who do this to the nonstick cookware every time they come over:

scratched up pan
u/eddrriley / Via reddit.com

15.This ex-mother-in-law who's upset her daughter-in-law kicked out her son for cheating:

mother in law saying that she would have paid for the phone card and the daughter in law saying she couldn't afford to pay for both of the lines
u/problyfake / Via reddit.com
mother in law upset that her son was kicked out and accusing the daughter in law of kicking him out before any of their finances were discussed and though out
u/problyfake / Via reddit.com
mother in law continuing to bring up how the vows were broken and they are her fault
u/problyfake / Via reddit.com
mother in law saying her son was kicked out with no where to go and no friends or family nearby and now the daughter in law needs to deal with it
u/problyfake / Via reddit.com

16.This brother-in-law who thinks it's OK to flick his cigarette ash inside his in-law's car:

ash on the seat
u/OnI_BArIX / Via reddit.com

17.And finally, this mother-in-law who sent this text after her adult child moved away with their family:

"i pray that one day your daughter causes you as much pain as i feel right now. you are a piece of shit for taking my daughter so far away from her family. i hope you rot in hell"
u/iam_rvxiii / Via reddit.com

WELL. What's the wildest or most unhinged thing your in-laws have done? Let us know in the comments below.