18,000 Ukrainian infantrymen have completed training in UK

18,000 people have completed the basic training programme for the Ukrainian military in the UK.

Source: UK Ministry of Defence, as reported by European Pravda

Details: The UK Ministry of Defence posted a video on 15 July showing some of the training.

Quote: "Op Interflex, the UK-led infantry training of Ukrainian volunteers, has so far trained 18,000 recruits. Op Interflex teaches Ukrainians how to survive and be lethal in their fight against the illegal invasion of their homeland."

The Defence Ministry recalled that Op Interflex was launched at the end of June 2022.

Background: At the NATO summit in Vilnius, London announced the provision of thousands of additional shells for Challenger 2 tanks and over 70 pieces of combat and logistics equipment to Ukraine, as well as funds and organisational support to set up a rehabilitation centre for wounded soldiers.

The G7 also agreed on a framework document on security guarantees for Ukraine at NATO’s Vilnius summit. The leaders have not yet agreed on the specific parameters of the security guarantees.

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