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64 Gluten-Free Dinner Ideas to Test Out Tonight

Whether you're giving up gluten for health reasons or as a personal choice, you'll never have to sacrifice flavor — and sticking to this diet is easier than you think with delicious gluten-free dinner recipes that are guaranteed to become family favorites.

From juicy pork tenderloin to spicy shrimp tacos, these yummy gluten-free recipes are so quick and easy to make that you'll find yourself adding them to your regular dinner roster. There are slow-cooker options for days when you want to prepare your food and then forget about it until dinnertime, and quick-and-easy options that you can throw on the grill for a freshly charred dinner. And a lot of these recipes feature a main and a side dish so you can mix and mingle your favorite mains and sides to create a meal that perfectly suits your needs and taste buds.

Then for a sweet treat after dinner, bake up one of our gluten-free desserts, like soft chocolate chip cookies and ooey-gooey apple crisp, to really impress your loved ones.

64 Gluten-Free Dinner Ideas to Test Out Tonight

No wheat? No problem! You'll love these gluten-free recipes.

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