18 healthy (but still delicious) snacks you can get delivered to your door

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Crunchy puffs made of avocado? Yep. (AvoCrazy)

No need to venture out to the store for snacks; numerous brands are now delivering better-for-you options to your door as we all try to fend off stress-eating-while-self-quarantining. Here are 18:


1. Avocado powder, rice flour and avocado oil are the main ingredients in the vegan curls from AvoCrazy. 8 packs for $24. avocrazy.com


Crispy, salty

Stacked potato chips in various flavors. (Good Crisp Co.)

2. Stacked potato chips from the Good Crisp Co. come in flavors like Aged White Cheddar and Outback BBQ. $30 for an 8-pack. thegoodcrispcompany.com



Chomps has its new Chomplings, miniature sticks made with meat. (Chomps)

3. Chomps has its new Chomplings, miniature meat sticks made with grass-fed beef and venison and free-range turkey, in flavors including cranberry habanero and sea salt. $60 for a variety pack. chomps.com


Still sweet

Stevia-sweetened chocolate for those watching their sugar intake. (Lily's)

4. Bars of salted almonds, extra-dark chocolate and hazelnut milk chocolate are stevia-sweetened for those avoiding refined white sugar. $39.99 for a 12-pack. lilys.com


Fruity goodness

Whole fruits and vegetables make up these refrigerated bars. (Bright Foods)

5. The refrigerated Carrot Pineapple bars from Bright Foods are made with organic carrots, cashews, pineapple, turmeric and ginger, Other flavors include Kale Apple and Carrot Blueberry. $48 for 12. brightfoods.com


Spice craving

Freeze-dried, gluten-free ramen cups from Lotus Foods. (Lotus Foods)

6. If you can’t find ramen at your local store, Lotus Foods has its gluten-free Garlicky Veggie, Hot & Sour and Masala Curry Rice Ramen Noodle Soup cups. $13.99 for a 6-pack. lotusfoods.com


Do it for the 'Gram

Chia seeds mixed with fruit and other ingredients from Mamma Chia. (Mamma Chia)

7. Chia seeds mixed with fruit pureé and in squeezable pouches from Mamma Chia are flavored with with yerba mate, kale and prebiotics $5.99 for a 4-pack. mammachia.com


Did someone say 'pizza'?

Crunchy snacks from Shrewd Food. (Shrewd Food)

8. Sriracha Cheddar and Brick Oven Pizza are flavors in Shrewd Food’s Protein Puffs, 90 calories a bag. $24.99 for a 12-pack variety box. shrewdfood.com


A whole lotta snacking...

Boxes of healthful snacks can be sent to anyone in the country. (The Goods Mart)

9. To help support the nationwide Restaurant Worker’s Community Foundation, Rachel Krupa, founder of New York organic convenience store the Goods Mart, is shipping out variety boxes of curated healthier snacks. $20 to $60. shopthegoodsmart.com


Pulse it

Pea-based crunchy snacks from Peato's. (Peato's)

10. Peatos founder Nick Desai based his company’s offerings on the pulses-based snacks of his native India; his Classic Cheese Curls, Fiery Hot Curls and Classic Onion Rings are made from peas. A 45-count pack is $49.99. peatos.com


Pour it on

Bottled dressings and sauces are delivered from Mother Raw. (Mother Raw)

11. Bottled dressings, dips and sauces from Mother Raw have the simplest ingredients — nutritional yeast, apple-cider vinegar, sun-dried tomatoes, bell pepper. $7.49. motherraw.com


Sun-dried variety

Rind: sun-dried fruits with the peel on. (Rind)

12. Sun-dried fruits from Rind include the fiber-rich peel; options include Tangy Kiwi, Orchard Blend and Tropical Blend. $24.99 for a variety pack of 4. rindsnacks.com


Just nutty

13. Split packets contain nut butter on one side, a fruit spread on the other, In March, the brand donated 150,000 packets to the Los Angeles Unified School District and the Los Angeles Mission. A sampler pack is $29.99 for 12. splitnutrition.com


Feel-good ingredients

Sun & Swell Foods has crisps made from cashews, sweet potato and flax, and cookies from dates, cashews, oats and cacao. (Sun & Swell)

14. Sun & Swell Foods has crisps made from cashews, sweet potato and flax, and cookies from dates, cashews, oats and cacao. $20 for sampler pack. sunandswellfoods.com


Ethical snacking

Lenny & Larry's Complete Cookies are vegan snacks designed to keep you feeling full. (Lenny & Larry's)

15. Vegan, high-protein cookies from Lenny & Larry's are designed to keep you feeling full, in flavors like Salted Caramel and Snickerdoodle. $21.95 for 12. lennylarry.com


High-flying popcorn

Corn dippers from Pipcorn. (Pipcorn)

16. Heirloom kernels make up popcorn from Pipcorn in flavors like Truffle and Kettle. $16 for a 4-pack. pipsnacks.com


Super fatty

Crispy salmon skins. (Goodfish)

17. Pescatarians may take to the crispy salmon skin snack from Goodfish in Sea Salt, Chili Lime, Spicy BBQ. $25 for 8 packets. goodfish.com


Low-to-no carbs

Pouch Super: A Keto-friendly mix of nuts and cheese (Hilo Life)

18. Roasted nuts and crispy cheeses make up 4 grams of carbs in Keto-friendly mixes from Hilo Life. $14.94 for 6 packets. hilolife.com

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