18 "Incidents" Where Teachers Immediately Got Fired, And They Range From Necessary To WILDLY Undeserved

Have you ever had one of your teachers fired over a totally shocking "incident"?

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Well, turns out lots of us have. So many that a Reddit user posted in r/AskReddit asking: "Why did that teacher get fired from your school?"

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Here are some of the wildest, most shocking, and just plain weirdest stories people told:

1."A teacher embezzled something like $20,000 from the school field trips that she was in charge of scheduling for the whole school. She over-charged the students, but only deposited the amount for what the trip cost and kept the rest. She did it for decades and stole about that much cash over time. She was not only fired, but also charged and found guilty. Not sure how much time she was given."


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2."A male teacher wanted to date a female teacher — most people in the school thought they were already dating because the male teacher was always in her classroom, even during class hours. He would buy her flowers often. She was the cheerleaders' coach, and he was always sitting in on her practices. However, when he apparently asked her out, and she turned him down. So, he then hired a private investigator and had her followed. She found out about it, went to the cops, requested a restraining order, and he was brought up on stalking charges."


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3."One day during recess, my teacher was walked out to a car by some people in suits and military clothes. It turned out he had switched dog tags with someone killed in Vietnam, and the dead soldier's parents went to the military when their son didn't call or visit. The teacher had hidden in one of the most isolated, middle-of-nowhere towns in Wyoming, and it took the military long enough to find him that he was able to finish a degree and get a job."


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4."My high school principal was fired for hypnotizing students. He would do it at school functions and stuff — everyone knew and was cool with it. He hypnotized a bunch of seniors in my class after graduation and it was the funniest thing I've ever seen. However, it was discovered that he was hypnotizing the football team before games so that they'd play better. Not that it worked, but that was deemed cheating, and he was fired for it."


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5."A teacher posted a QR code for the Brooklyn Public Library so that kids could get access to banned books. They weren't exactly fired, but they were written up for discipline, and eventually left the school during the process."


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6."A teacher had a samurai sword in his trunk and proceeded to unsheathe it during a fire drill to show people because his lineup location was next to his car. The best part was that after he got fired, people posted flyers around the school of him photoshopped with a samurai outfit with the caption 'FREE MY SAMURAI HOMIE'."


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7."This teacher was actually just a substitute who left quicker than he arrived. He told our class that he practiced judo, so one student told him to show a move. The move he chose to demonstrate on this student in front of the class was a sleeper hold. Well, the move put that kid right to sleep, and the sub got charged with assaulting a minor."


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8."Not someone who got fired, but someone who definitely should have. Our culinary teacher wasn’t restocking our ingredients and forced students to eat rotten food. And I’m not talking about slightly expired food — she made us scrape off a completely black layer of carrots before using them, and forced people to just cut the mold off of potatoes. No one believed us until we got picture proof, and the school didn’t start talking to her until we threatened to call the food safety bureau in my country. She stopped forcing us to eat expired food, but she still works there to this day."


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9."A history teacher never really taught history. Sometimes he'd just yell at the kids in class. It got worse when his son died in a desert storm. Then he spent half the class time crying. The assistant principal had to take over one too many days. Eventually, he stopped coming to school and we never saw him again."


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10."My dad subbed for a while after he retired. He got personally escorted out of a school once for doing 'black magic' for fifth graders, aka a card trick. He was in the process of cutting a sheet of paper in a way that makes it possible to walk through it..Anyway, he is banned for life from our public schools."


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11."A teacher made us pay $5 if we didn't do our homework."


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12."A teacher of mine was asked to resign because he was engaged to one of the other teachers. They’re still happily married and he made more money as a carpenter. Great guy."


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13."One teacher got the boot simply for being an awful person, and an even worse teacher. She was a complete terror to students and parents, and she was even worse to the other members of the faculty. My mom was also a teacher at the school and she told me horror stories about this woman. She would confront other staff and belittle middle school-aged kids in front of other students. She even cursed out the other teachers in a staff meeting when they confronted her about her behavior. When she was fired, she was walked out by the vice principal in front of everyone in the cafeteria. The entire student body applauded."


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14."My teacher had an 78% failing rate out of all her biology classes. The class was broken off into two days, and one day you’d spend all day in class learning, and the next day you’d spend time in the lab to learn the experiments. The problem with this system was we’d take a test, fail, and when we went to our lab we would learn everything we needed to know for that test we had just failed. As a class, we came to her and explained what was going on. She caught attitudes with us every time. The worst part was instead of stepping up and trying to help us find a solution, she’d hit us with the 'When I was in school, no one helped me' excuse, and followed that up with telling us to just read our textbook. The class I was in ended up having 25 out of 27 people failing the class, with the remaining people barely passing. She was fired the last day of classes."


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15."My teacher was going through a divorce. In hindsight, I guess it was a bit harsh for the school to fire her because of it. However, she just spent her time unloading all of her marital problems on a bunch of 13-year-olds."


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16."My history teacher's son had a terminal illness. He needed more time off to be with him and his family, but apparently he had used his allotted vacation/sick time up already and the school board wouldn't approve any more. So he just left. He can no longer be employed in the district because of it. Everybody loved him too — he was one of the few teachers who really cared about his job and his students. I missed him a lot because he was one of the few teachers I ever tried to impress."


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17."I once had a teacher who burned an American flag in the classroom to illustrate free speech. She was a language arts teacher. Aside from the groups of people who were upset by that, she also straight-up lit a fire in the classroom."


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And finally:

18."One of my teachers was fired because she thought I was faking being sick to get out of class. That was the day I found out I'm allergic to shellfish and can go into anaphylactic shock."


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Answers have been edited for length and/or clarity.