18 Memes That Nail What It's Like to Have ME/CFS

Paige Wyant
if cars had ME... all the dashboard lights are on, indicating malfunction

If you live with ME/CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis, formerly called chronic fatigue syndrome), you’re probably well aware of all the frustrations that can accompany the illness. Not only are there a plethora of symptoms and side effects to deal with, but ME/CFS is widely misunderstood – with many believing the condition just makes you feel “tired.”

In reality, ME/CFS is a serious, chronic and debilitating disease. It is estimated to affect between 17 and 24 million people worldwide, but there is still no diagnostic test, FDA-approved treatment or cure. ME/CFS can cause post-exertional malaise (PEM), meaning extreme exhaustion that’s made worse by even minor physical or mental effort. However, it can cause many other symptoms too, such as sleep problems, cognitive issues (including brain fog), chronic pain and light/sound sensitivity.

The symptoms, side effects and day-to-day challenges people with ME/CFS face are serious and valid. Even though the disease is no laughing matter, sometimes bonding with your fellow ME/CFS warriors through humor can be a powerful coping mechanism.

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If a chuckle is what you need today, the following memes are for you.

1. When ME/CFS involves more than “just” fatigue:

a hand with a smaller hand attached to each finger. it says 'how to count all the symptoms of me/cfs on one hand'

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2. When someone is educated about ME/CFS:

when someone knows a true fact about my illness... photo of woman clapping

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3. When you finally learn what your limits are:

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4. When you try to have fun but know there will be consequences:

when you try and enjoy life for a second: girl bending down to smell flowers and falling face-first into the dirt

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5. When people suggest “miracle cures”:

the queen of england frowning. it says: me when people give me their two cents on how to cure my chronic fatigue syndrome.

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6. When… wait, what?

this is your brain: egg. this is your brain with brain fog: smashed egg. any questions?

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7. When it feels like everything in your body is malfunctioning:

if cars had ME... all the dashboard lights are on, indicating malfunction

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8. When you have to gear up due to sensory sensitivity:

it looks like I work at the airfield, but I'm just getting ready to have a liedown

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9. When people think your illness is “no big deal”:

Person: I don’t really think your symptoms/illness/condition is actually as bad as you say it is… Me: It's worse. It's so much worse.

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10. When your healthy friends do their best to listen and understand:

perfectly healthy friends giving unsolicited advice about your ME/CFS: drake saying no. friends just being friends: drake saying yes.

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11. When chronic pain gets in the way of just about everything:

person: why can't you just.... me: photo of a woman pointing to a sign that says 'pain'

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12. When you reach new levels of exhaustion:

cartoon of person sliding down in their seat due to fatigue

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13. When the brain fog strikes:

Anyone: *says literally anything to me* My brain despite hearing them clearly: *steve harvey staring blankly at camera* Me after long awkward silence: haha wait what

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14. When pain is your chauffeur:

my uber is here: van with the word "pain" written on it

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15. When you downplay the seriousness of your condition:

CFS/ME can be easy to live with and other hilarious jokes you can tell yourself

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16. When people think ME/CFS means you’re “just a bit tired”:

"everybody gets tired sometimes." getting tired only 'sometimes' must be nice

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17. When you overdo it:

brace yourself, epic payback is coming

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18. When you’re trying to function on a negative amount of energy:

me: I don't have the energy for this. someone: for what? me: gestures vaguely

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