An 18-year-old said her father was 'trying to embarrass' her family when he dumped 80,000 pennies on their yard for his final child support payment

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Reuters/Christian Charisius
  • An 18-year old Virginia teen said her father put 80,000 pennies on her family's front yard.

  • Avery Sanford told WTVR that her father said the pennies was his "final child support payment."

  • Sanford and her mother donated $800 to a domestic abuse organization.

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A Virginia teen who recently turned 18 years old said her father delivered 80,000 pennies to her family's front yard as his final child support payment.

Avery Sanford was inside her home when her dad - who she hasn't spoken to in years - arrived in a trailer and dropped off thousands of pennies on their lawn, WTVR reported.

"My mom came out and was like, 'What are you dumping in my yard?' She didn't know who it was until he shouted, 'It's your final child support payment," Sanford told WTVR.

Sanford added that her dad was not just "trying to embarrass" her mother, but her and her sister as well. "It's upsetting that he didn't consider that before he did that," the teen told the outlet. Her father said years of frustration led to him dump the coins last month, according to the report.

Sanford and her mother donated a portion of the money, $800, to Safe Harbor, a domestic abuse organization, the report said.

"Turning around and donating that money to moms and children in need, I feel like that really turns this situation into a positive," Sanford said, according to the news station.

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