18 Parent Fails I Really Shouldn't Be Laughing At, But I Am

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1.This parent, who let their kid microwave waffles, and this happened:

2. This parent, who got their accessories a little mixed up:

3.This mom, who tried to make chocolate chip pancakes in the sandwich maker, and accidentally used garlic flavor spray instead of cooking spray:

4. This mom, who accidentally wrapped her kid's gift in a birth control box:

5. This parent, who discovered they aren't quite as crafty as they thought:

6. This mom, who thought her son was pooping in the bathroom, but was oh-so wrong:

7. This mom, who should have looked closer at the ornaments she gave her kid:

8.This dad, who got his spice bottles mixed up, and accidentally put cumin on his kids' yogurt instead of cinnamon:

t.dennison20 / Via instagram.com
t.dennison20 / Via instagram.com

9.This mom, who tried to make tea but forgot the tea bags, so she ended up making sugar water:

10.And this mom, who was so tired, she put multiple diapers on her kid and didn't know until it was too late:

11. This parent, who clearly ordered from the wrong company for his kid's birthday cake topper:

12.This mom, who was just out to make some simple hot dogs, but this happened:

13. This parent, who left their label maker unattended, and this happened:

14.This mom, who put the baby bottle away...or so she thought:

15. This parent, who trusted their kid to make themselves an after school snack, and this happened:

16.This mom, whose dumplings didn't turn out quite as she planned:

17.This mom, who discovered she isn't so great at wrapping gifts:

18.And this mom, who thought she ordered six individual packs of cup of noodles, but she actually ordered SIX CASES:

  amandamckinleywrites / Via instagram.com
amandamckinleywrites / Via instagram.com
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