18 Poor Souls Who Got Absolutely Drop-Kicked By Life And Have The Photos To Prove It

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1. This person who probably nearly passed out from the stench upon opening the door:

2. This person whose furniture was basically living on borrowed time:

3. This person who now gets to live this mismatched existence:

4. This person who just wanted to wash their linens:

5. This person who was given this very valuable and helpful "tip":

6. This person who proved they live in a glorified oven:

7. This person who was gifted a very special surprise:

8. This person who probably regretted slipping their phone into their back pocket:

9. This person who got a gorgeous view:

10. This person who should've probably gotten a medal for "Worst-Timed Spill":

11. This person who opened their shed and stepped straight into a horror movie:

12. This person who was in for a very "shitty" car ride, if you catch my drift:

13. This person who had some deadly decisions to make:

14. This person who I guarantee will never open a window again for as long as they live:

15. This person whose afternoon nap had devastating consequences:

16. This person who experienced a tragedy in two parts:

17. This person whose fur baby just got a little confused:

18. And finally, this person who JUST. WANTED. SOME KETCHUP WITH THEIR FRIES:

h/t: r/wellthatsucks

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