18 Twitch Streams You Need to Watch if You Love Games

Matthew Walden

1. FeliciaDay

Twitch video game streamers are a colorful mixture of amateurs and pros all sharing the games they love. If you're new to Twitch, though, it can be a bit intimidating to find someone to watch. A pro like Felicia Day, famous for her hit series The Guild, has a charming and personable style. It's a great place to start before you jump into the weirder stuff.

2. TheMexicanRunner

The Mexican Runner is a man on a mission: play through and beat every single NES game ever released. Despite facing one of the hardest game catalogs of any system, this world record holder tenaciously marches forward. A must watch.

3. FishPlayStreetFighter

Nothing quite makes you feel like the future has arrived than watching a pair of fish compete in a game of Street Fighter live over the internet. It's a channel that lives up to its title, thanks to the ingenuity of their owner, who's mapped control inputs to sections of their fish tank. Take a moment to reflect on the wondrously strange world we live in.

4. Srwfe

If you thought Dark Souls was hard, try playing through the game using only your feet while millions watch in nervous anticipation. Even if you don't speak Mandarin or Taiwanese, watching Srwfe's amazing dexterity transcends national boundaries.

5. rabbitbong

Yoni has a diverse taste in games, ranging from League of Legends and Counter-Strike to more artsy fare like Child of Light. If you tune in often enough, you can even catch her singing impromptu renditions of They Might Be Giants songs.

6. GamesDoneQuick

Twitch has a ton of renown speed runners who plow through games with inhuman concentration and reflexes. Games Done Quick showcases a lot of these talented players while simultaneously raising money for charities like Doctors Without Borders and the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Incredible skills for an incredible cause.

7. IdleThumbs

Idle Thumbs is mainly known for their highly literate (and frequently silly) podcast, but their Twitch channel has gotten some much-needed attention with the recent addition of cast member Danielle Riendeau. You can catch obscure indie games, Bloodborne, Spelunky runs and more.

8. LAGTVMaximusBlack

Maximus Black became famous for his dual-lightsaber-wielding musical performances while comfortably dressed in authentic chain mail. If you need your game streaming laced with a healthy dose of absurdity, this is the fella for you.

9. itsHafu

Hafu became famous as a professional gamer with respectable showings in League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and most notably, Hearthstone. One of the coolest things about Twitch is watching pro players who are great at what they do and picking up some of their techniques.

10. TeamSp00ky

TeamSp00ky are the undisputed kings of the Twitch fighting game scene. They've been busy with Ultra Street Fighter IV, Mortal Kombat X, and Smash U lately. Make sure to tune in if you want to keep on top of the latest fighting game tournaments and events.

11. Virus610

Later this year, Nintendo is releasing a cool creator's tool called Mario Maker, It allows you to design your own Mario levels. There's already a thriving community of Mario ROM hacks, so if you want to explore the scene early, Virus610 has a great channel that regularly explores the strangest and most creative homemade Super Mario World tweaks.

12. StreamerHouse

It's like The Real World of video game streaming: A collection of gamers combined forces to set up more than 20 cameras in their house for 24/7 video game streaming. It's largely a novelty act, but you gotta respect the commitment to the cause.

13. Greenspeak

Jeff Green is a venerable games writer known for his work as editor-in-chief for Computer Gaming World magazine. He's also amassed quite a following for his amateur Dark Souls and Bloodborne streams on Twitch. With his decades of industry experience and hilarious style, Jeff runs circles around some of the younger subscription-obsessed streamers.

14. XeroKynos

Everyone with a soft spot for Final Fantasy should check out XeroKynos, who speedruns Final Fantasy VII, VIII & IX in gigantic one-sitting marathons. It's a fun way to relive memories of the classics with simply the best player around.

15. AriaBlarg

Aria Blag is a fun streamer whose infectious love for games really shines through. Her adorable family often shows up while she plays cute and odd titles such as Chulip, or Nintendo classics like Pokemon. She's also a talented painter, and you can frequently catch her crafting art that honors her favorite games.

16. DansGaming

Dan's channel exploded during his now-famous month-long horror game marathons. But he's still a regular guy with a down-to-earth sense of humor. He's currently playing a lot of Witcher in preparation for Witcher 3's release.

17. Tapezilla

Tapezilla grew out of a podcast supergroup, which, in turn, formed out of former IGN, 1up and Expert Gamer personalities. Now they're a successful Twitch stream with a good variety of retro games and newer releases. Come for the great game conversations. Stay for the randy dinosaur imagery.

18. missharvey

Stephanie "missharvey" Harvey is another pro player you'll want to watch, just to absorb her technical wizardry. She completely destroys at Counter-Strike, and she has a fun hosting style as well.

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