19 Best Gifts for Boomers (That Millennials Can Get Behind Too)

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Here at PureWow, we’ve really grabbed the clicks with stories highlighting generational differences in so, so many areas: parenting, investing and of course the Royals. But as the year ambles to a close, let’s take a moment to really appreciate one area where boomers and millennials can come together in agreement: gifting. There are So. Many. Items. to delight both demographics. (Who knows? You may even elicit some envious side-eye from lost little Gen Xers gathered for the holiday.) In this spirit of togetherness, here are the gifts you need to shop from sports to luggage to sex oil. Ah, togetherness.

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1. Fila Pickleball starter set

This trending racquet sport is bringing intergenerational tribes together to play this game that’s a mash-up of tennis, racquetball and badminton. This set of two paddles, two balls and a mesh carry-bag gets a game of singles started.

Buy It ($25)

2. Glossier The Super Pack Serums

Serums are arguably the biggest news in skincare in a generation—and both boomers and millennials are taking the extra step between cleansing and moisturizing to super-power their self-care regimen with targeted formulas. This trio includes a serum for enhanced hydration, another for evening out skin tone and a third for blemish calming.

Buy It ($84; $65)

3. Millennials vs. Boomers Trivia Game

Family game night is a great way to put down the electronics and really deal with each other. What better way to do this than to play up intergenerational ignorance, you know, in a fun way? This trivia game asks Boomers questions about Burning Man and Millennials questions about prehistoric technology (i.e. the radio) and on and on. Get ready for uncomprehending stares all around!

Buy It ($18)

4. *The Bomber Mafia* by Malcolm Gladwell

World War II fascinates both the generation born just after and the generation born way after. This compelling new nonfiction book by bestselling author Gladwell explores the moral dilemma brought forth by military thinkers who strategized that targeted bombings—like the one that devastated civilians in Tokyo—might actually cause fewer casualties by hastening the end of the war.

Buy It ($14)

5. Paravel Aviator Carry-On Plus

This luggage is lightweight, eco-conscious (made from recycled water bottles) and has a cool retro design including leather-look trim, so its manufacture and style are going to please multi generations.

Buy It ($295)

6. Mejuri Bold Pearl Drop Earrings

Pearls are classic, a big thumbs-up for both boomers and millennials, who will appreciate how the luster of these cultured freshwater gem earrings reflects flatteringly on all skin tones.

Buy It ($65)

7. Our Place Perfect Pot

This single pot is from the same company that innovated the all-in-one Perfect Pan; this new design, too, is a multi-use cooking essential that replaces a stockpot, Dutch oven, saucepot, roasting rack, steamer, strainer and braiser—and has its own handle that doubles as a spoon rest. Long story short: The experienced boomer chef will appreciate this as much as the fledgling cook millennial.

Buy It ($165)

8. Beautycounter Mini Beyond Gloss Vault

Increasingly, everyone’s getting hip to the health and effectiveness of clean beauty products. So Mom’s going to appreciate these four luminous shades (Truffle Shimmer, Cinnamon Shimmer, Ginger Shimmer and Rosy Shimmer) as much as your sister will.

Buy It ($49)

9. Pillow Cube

Boomers’ generation innovated memory foam mattresses and pillows, and now millennials have innovated a firm square pillow made of the material for better spinal alignment and optimal rest. (Send a gift card, so that your giftee can customize the pillow for their sleep style.) Nice win, intergenerational sleep science!

Buy It ($70; $56)

10. Monstera Deliciosa (Split Leaf Philodendron)

This trendy house plant was a hit back in the boomer’s interior design heyday, the 1970s, and it’s super-popular again thanks to its sturdy growth habits and knack for going with any décor from eclectic to minimalist.

Buy It ($50)


Tory Burch crossbody bags are fan favorites for their chic looks, classic styling and perfect not-too-big, not-too-small volume.

Buy It ($398)

12. Bala Bangles

These one-pound strap-on weights are a hit among strollers, joggers and yogis of every generation; this ombré edition is super on-trend.

Buy It ($55)

13. Dashing Diva 2021 Holiday Advent Calendar

Nail decals are all the rage, since they look great for weeks at a time and you don’t need to go to public places to have them applied (plus they come in fun nail art mix-and-match sets). This advent calendar has 24 days of manicure wonder including polishes, tools and yes, decals.

Buy It ($50; $37)

14. Vitruvi Move Diffuser

From the family-run company that single-handedly made essential oil diffusers seem cool (not hippyish like in the boomers’ youth), here’s a sleek diffuser that is half art object, half mood enhancer—especially when it is distributing a light scent of essential oils in your living room or boudoir.

Buy It ($179)

15. Haus Sampler

Boomers want to be able to enjoy having a cocktail without the leaden feeling that can come after the alcohol-and-sugar rush, and our millennial reviewer delighted in the refreshing taste of this low-alcohol aperitif. This gift set allows you to choose four flavors of your choice in small 200-milliliter bottles.

Buy It ($50)

16. Courant Charging Station

This sleek leather charging station is going to look good on bedside tables and entryway consoles in homes of all ages—and the catchall tray has minimalist styling that would pop on any Pinterest board.

Buy It ($140)

17. Parachute Classic Turkish Cotton Robe

The Egyptian cotton material has a plush feel that will remind spa-loving boomers of all genders of having a massage when they slip this robe on; millennials will appreciate the many sizing options (not just two billowing size options like so many robes) and the new neutral fawn colorway.

Buy It ($99)

18. Foria Intimacy Awaken Arousal Oil

Close pals will appreciate you gifting them this CBD-infused sex oil that is all-natural and not only lubricates but also heightens pleasure, solo or in partner session. (Our reviewer loves the stuff.)

Buy It ($48)

19. Jack Black All-Over Wash

Sulfate-free but jojoba butter-rich, this strips away sweat without removing skin’s essential moisture, leaving a light botanical scent that’s not at all perfumey. The weekend warrior exerciser of any age will delight in this pump-action cleanser.

Buy It ($50)

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