19 more militants detained during liberation of Kharkiv Oblast charged with serious crimes

SBU reported the suspicion to 19 more militants
SBU reported the suspicion to 19 more militants

The suspects were captured during the liberation of Kharkiv Oblast.

“Among those detained are former prisoners who at one time served actual sentences for criminal offenses, including murder,” the report says.

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The SBU stated that after their imprisonment they remained in the occupied territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. However, a few days before the full-scale invasion, they “responded” to the calls of Russian-appointed Donbas puppet heads Pushylin and Pasichnyk for a “general mobilization” in occupied territory.

According to the SBU, these men voluntarily enlisted in the militias of the puppet authorities, joining the Southern Military District of the Russian Federation.

Together with the Russian invaders, they fought against Ukrainian troops in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. Among other things, the suspects are accused of setting up combat positions and fortifications.

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Later, they were transferred to Kharkiv Oblast, where they were supposed to cover the escape of the main units of the Russian Federation during the Ukrainian liberation operation there.

These 19 men are charged with treason, participation in a terrorist group, and participation in unauthorized armed groups.

Work is ongoing to prepare and transfer the relevant materials to court, the SBU added.

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