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19-Year-Old Drowns In Water At Mound Street Beach In Quincy

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WBZ-TV's Tiffany Chan reports.

Video Transcript

KEN MACLEOD: And that breaking news comes from the beach in Quincy this evening, where a 19-year-old man has drowned despite an exhaustive effort to save him. It was a former police diver, who just happened to be nearby, who pulled that teen from the water.

Let's get right to WBZ's Tiffany Chan who is live for us in Quincy tonight.

TIFFANY CHAN: Yeah, Ken. An absolutely devastating day. Beachgoers say they saw that 19-year-old man waving his arms in the water. His family on the shore thought he was just waving hello, but he was actually struggling in that water. He went under, wasn't seen for about 10 to 15 minutes, and unfortunately he has passed away at the hospital.

An emotional day at Mound Street Beach in Quincy, the scene of a frantic rescue when a man went into the water and didn't resurface.

BILL MCDONOUGH: He was gone. They were-- I was in the water trying to help.

TIFFANY CHAN: Police say 19-year-old Elissandro Silva of Brockton was trying to retrieve a ball when he hit a 20-foot drop in the water.

PAUL KEENAN: We contacted the dive team, but fortunately there was a gentleman who was on his own private boat.

TIM BURKE: I was a former member of a police dive team, so I had the training.

TIFFANY CHAN: Tim Burke choked back tears telling us he heard the screams from the shore and answered the call to suit up and dive in.

TIM BURKE: We were doing half-moons. Quincy Fire had a line. And I was doing half-moons and then increasing the arc and then we discovered the victim. I got him up as quick as I could and handed him off to the emergency people, and that was that.

TIFFANY CHAN: Silva was rushed to South Shore Hospital but didn't survive.

ANA MARRARO: His mom, dad hysterically crying, little brothers as well. Cousins. I think the whole family were here.

TIFFANY CHAN: It's a heartbreaking day for beachgoers, too, who rushed to comfort the family while the search was underway. It's a painful reminder of how dangerous the water can be.

TIM BURKE: I just feel for the family. So, that's it.

TIFFANY CHAN: And you can see how painful it is not only for the family of that 19-year-old, but for rescuers and beachgoers as well. Quincy police hope this is a reminder for people to take swimming lessons and not to get into the water unless you're prepared to do so.

From Quincy, I'm Tiffany Chan for WBZ News.