This 19-year-old finds peace and nostalgia in his small Montana hometown

In this episode, we follow a 19-year-old man who is back in his Montana hometown after his Freshman year of college. He laments on the changes he's experienced within himself and the overwhelming stasis of his small-town, reflecting on those who stay, and those who leave. He comes to the conclusion that expression and differing opinions are the most important aspects of community.

Video Transcript

- Coming back here, yeah, I've reflected on how I managed to leave and go to a place that I wanted to go because I'd like to be able to tell my friends-- the friends that are here-- that they can just go. Just go somewhere meet people. I think they'll really find a group of people that they'll connect with, like I did.

But leaving was very challenging. I remember I had kind of a hard time. Right before I left, my stomach just sunk, and I was breathing heavy. I was freaking out. It's so hard to leave behind something so familiar.

I was a-- I was an important person in my community. People knew who I was. And I was leaving to go to a school I couldn't even afford to visit before I committed, so I had never been. Just planning on uprooting my life and going to where I knew nobody. I didn't know anyone in Southern California.

But once I got on the plane, actually left, and then came in and was landing in sunny Southern California, all those fears went away. And almost all of it was a very pleasant experience.