19-year-old identified as woman killed in wrong-way crash

Jaelyn "JaeRene" Chapman was only 19 years old and was already known for her big voice and community involvement in Houston.

Video Transcript

- Well, a young woman killed in a crash involving a wrong way driver, she was a singer. This is a GoFundMe page for the 19-year-old Jaelyn Chapman. Friends and relatives described her as a talented singer who once auditioned for "The Voice." Chapman died early yesterday morning on the West Park Tollway when a suspected drunk driver-- in fact, police saying he was extremely drunk-- slammed into a car she was riding in. Three people with Chapman were seriously hurt. Police say that driver hit her was going the wrong way. No question about that. He was going the wrong way on the freeway there. He survived the crashes-- the crash, and faces intoxication manslaughter charges now.