19 People Got Brutally Honest About The Green Flags That Prove Someone Is Actually A Good Person

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It never hurts to be nice, and it often goes a long way in life.

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When Reddit user u/twows995 asked "What is a green flag in someone that makes you think 'they're a good person'?" a ton of people shared some insightful answers.

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We've rounded up the most memorable responses to the online thread. Take a look below:

1."When they exhibit genuine concern for others and talk about topics of mutual interest rather than focusing on themselves."

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2."You can always tell much about a person by the way they treat those who can do nothing for them."

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3."The way they talk about others when they aren't around."

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4."People who keep their promises and people who respect others' time by being punctual."

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5."When they call out people for being mean behind someone's back [and/or] defends the person who's being made fun of. Shows a real awareness of the golden rule."

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6."My SO always says 'please' when talking to Siri, so that’s how I knew."

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7."They offer you help without you mentioning that you need help."

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8."When I see how they treat retail or restaurant staff. If they're polite and courteous then that's a massive indicator that they're good."

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9."Someone who waits for people to disembark from public transportation before boarding."

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10."When they continue being kind and humble even when getting to a position of authority. People who get warped into something nasty the second they get a tiny bit of power have tiny hearts."

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11."They return their shopping cart to the store [and/or] cart return."

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12."I like people who pick up trash even though it clearly couldn't have been theirs."

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13."When they go out of their way to try and be inclusive of other people, inviting people to their table, engaging quiet people in conversation, etc."

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14."Thanking the person who bagged their groceries. I see so many people just outright ignore them."

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15."When they try to include 'the new guy.'"

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16."They remember things about you from previous conversations. Then, when they bring it up, they engage about it even if it's not their most favorite topic. Basically, they are more concerned with having a pleasant conversation even if it's not entirely about them, which in turn makes everybody feel great."

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17."When they actually listen to what you’re saying instead of just waiting their turn to talk."

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18."[When they] get out of their seat [for a] person who needs it more. Holds the door for the next person behind them. These small gestures say big things."

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19."When they own up to their s--t. They know they f--ked up, and instead of beating around the bush making excuses for their actions pushing the blame off of themselves, they will own up to it 100%."

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What green flag signs would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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