Okay, I Honestly Feel Sorry For These People Who Definitely Regret Every Decision They Made Last Week

1.The person who learned a valuable lesson about online shopping:

A cutting board higher than the stove

2.The person whose entire world just got rocked by a pill mix-up:

One bottle is "Relax & Sleep" and one is "Colon Cleanser," and the bottles look the same

3.The person whose pizza has seen some terrible things:

A completely burnt pizza

4.The person who let the Sasquatch borrow their heels:

Mold/dirt stains inside a pair of high heels

5.The person who had the unthinkable happen to their poor, poor marshmallows:

Marshmallows in a bag melted above a toaster oven

6.The person whose mozzarella sticks contained nary a stick of mozzarella:

Hollow breaded sticks with no mozzarella inside

7.The person who is facing the egg dilemma to end all egg dilemmas:

Eggs still frozen in a frying pan

8.The person who turned their bed into a candle crime scene:

Red wax on a blanket looking like blood

9.The person who had some real Italian coffee:

  u/laurensomm / Via reddit.com

10.The proud new owner of the Samsung Dalí remote:

A remote control that's partly melted

11.The person whose couch print will provide future archaeologists with a special glimpse into the way people used to eat it in 2023:

A person's hand and face imprinted on a couch

12.The person who did the best they could:

A car and a car port that don't fit

13.The person who got a fun little surprise with their floss:

Dental floss with debris on it in the case

14.The person who got a little extra protein with their cereal:

Little insects in a bowl of cereal with milk

15.The person who got EXACTLY what they wanted:

Bottom of the sugar container split, so it's all over the countertop

16.The person whose plates might have a few blemishes:

A stack of broken plates

17.The person who knows 2023's hottest look will be "shirt that got caught in a tool at the job site":

A person wearing a shirt that's tangled up in some kind of tool

18.The person who is now forever trapped within the confines of their hoodie:

Close-up of the zipper of a hoodie

19.And the person who brutally ended this poor slug's time on Earth:

A slug impaled by a leaf