19 Stupidly Entitled Neighbors That Would Have Me Moving Out Of My Place Soooo Fast

1.This nosy neighbor who installed a security camera to spy on the people next door:

Arrow pointing to a security camera
u/harbinger_CHI / reddit.com

2.And this OTHER absolute FREAK who raised their fence two feet taller than their neighbor's 7-foot privacy fence so their security camera could see over into their yard.....?!?!??!!

A camera on a tall fence
u/Magicisntreallyreal / reddit.com

3.This neighbor who kept this person's package, used its contents, and then tried to SELL IT BACK TO THEM?!?!?!!

A note from a neighbor who stole the person's package
u/BigMacDaddy99 / reddit.com

4.This neighbor who reported this family to the HOA for "running a daycare," aka letting their children have friends over:

"This is not a daycare, I just have kids"
u/JustJJ92 / reddit.com

5.This passive-aggressive neighbor who "congratulated" this person for mowing their lawn:

"You mowed. That's twice so far this year, I believe."
u/mahelke / reddit.com

6.This neighbor who issued a poorly-written threat re: plants.....???

"We have chose to make this letter anonymous to protect our legal right..."
u/HedgehogSmoothie / reddit.com

7.This neighbor who left this note for the tenants next door who let them know ahead of time that they were hosting a friendsgiving (which only consisted of six people) — and mind you, this was at 4:45 p.m. on a Saturday:

"I have already informed police of your intention."
u/gravityandlove / reddit.com

8.This neighbor who LOOOOVES their blinding light, apparently:

A bright light emanating from someone's window
u/TheNotTooDarkLord / reddit.com

9.This neighbor who makes a point to block their neighbor's mailbox while leaving theirs accessible:

A truck blocking a mailbox
u/Negative_Permit / reddit.com

10.This neighbor who throws their dog's poop over their neighbor's fence:

A pile of dog poop
u/[deleted] / reddit.com

11.This neighbor who literally SLASHED some kids' football when they accidentally threw it into their yard:

A sliced football
u/buddahsumo / reddit.com

12.This neighbor who tried to saw off someone's doorknob because they hadn't seen their cat in the window for three days:

A damaged door knob
u/[deleted] / reddit.com

13.This neighbor who "caught" their neighbor doing the UNTHINKABLE!!!!!!!

"I caught my neighbor leaving his 12-year-old son home alone and he has not come back in 6 hours."
u/SharpAmounts / reddit.com

14.This new neighbor who, for some mysterious reason, felt entitled to their neighbor's Wi-Fi:

"I moved in next door can I get your wifi password?"
u/MitziVinyl / reddit.com

15.This ding-dong neighbor who put charcoal from their grill into their neighbor's trash:

A trash can with a hole burned in its side
u/[deleted] / reddit.com

16.This neighbor who refused to cut down their trees and, as a result, they grew so long that they covered their neighbor's bike:

A tree branch extending over a fence
u/benboi4269 / reddit.com

17.These downstairs neighbors who saw no problem in blocking the stairs up to the rest of the building:

Items blocking a stairwell
u/dsuperville / reddit.com

18.These neighbors who refuse to use their own driveways and instead choose to park bumper-to-bumper in the middle of the cul-de-sac:

Cars parked and blocking the road
u/davi3blu3 / reddit.com

And laaaaaastly:

19.This neighbor who technically didn't do anything BAD per se, but they used an "O" instead of a zero on their granite mailbox, and it pisses everyone off:

u/mollymoose75 / reddit.com