1938 Superman Comic Book Sells For Record $3.2 Million

An extremely rare Superman comic book has sold for a record price.

Video Transcript

- An extremely rare "Superman" comic book has sold for a record price.

- Action Comics Number 1, which features Superman's first appearance in 1938, sold privately for more than $3.2 million. And get this-- the original price was $0.10.

- [LAUGHS] Oh!

- The comic was buried in a stack of old movie magazines for 50 years. It's in mint condition. It was rediscovered in the '80s after someone bought a stack of magazines at an auction. How's that for a return on investment?

- This is why some people don't throw anything away.

- There you go.

- Looking at stories like this, it makes sense.

- Be a hoarder, make a fortune.

- Right! [LAUGHS]