1969 GMC C10 Packs The Heart Of A Muscle Car

Jeffrey Ross
1969 GMC C10 Packs The Heart Of A Muscle Car

And it will haul way more than lumber!

As cool as GM's muscle car fleet was back in the 1960s, its trucks were just as sweet. Take a look at this short-bed 1969 GMC C10 currently being sold by American Muscle Car Recovery for $25,900. As you can tell, this truck has received a plenty of custom touches, but the best part of this truck lurks under the hood.

1969 GMC C10 Packs The Heart Of A Muscle Car

In place of the inline-six engine that this truck originally came with, there is now a 396 CID V-8 perched under the hood. In the C10, this engine was rated at 310 horsepower, but more powerful versions were offered in muscle cars of that era including the Chevelle, Camaro, Nova and Impala.

That custom exterior starts with swapping out the GMC's quad headlights for the Chevrolet's single headlight design, which looks even better with this truck's billet grille.  The fuel door was shaved with the fuel cell relocated to under the bed, and the slick Azure Silver paint job looks great with the truck's lowered stance and rally wheels. The side-mounted exhaust pipes give a clue that this is no farm truck.

The beautiful exterior color carries over into the interior on the painted dash and doors, but the only real custom part of the cabin is the Budnik four-spoke steering wheel. No matter where you look on this truck, it's incredibly clean with not a hint of rust in the tailgate hinges or the underside, and the bed doesn't have a single scratch or dent in it.

If you want to own a super clean sleeper of a pickup truck, then be sure to check out this 1969 GMC C10. With its 396 CID engine, this truck will definitely haul!


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