1st look at Spiderman ride, food at Avengers Campus

Planning a trip to Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure? Here's everything you need to know before you experience the new land.

Video Transcript

- Heroes assemble. The all-new Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park opens this Friday. And whether you're a die-hard super-fan or brand new to the MCU, this place really does have something for everyone.

BRENT STRONG: Avengers Campus is all of Earth's mightiest heroes coming together to create this place where guests can train. You can see the Dora Milaje in action and learn some of their moves. Ant-Man and the Wasp are using Pym particles to super-size and shrink food right there on your plate. We've got Dr. Strange, Iron Man, and even Spider-Man here at the Worldwide Engineering Brigade.

- And guests will now have the opportunity to team up with Spidey and save the day on the brand-new ride, Web Slingers-- A Spider-Man Adventure.

BRITTANY HOWELL: Expect a fully immersive experience. So you're riding around in our web vehicles, you can ride the ride and sling these webs like Spider-Man, and it doesn't take anything extra but your 3D glasses.

You can get on with kids. There's no height requirement, so get the whole family involved. And you guys just team up, have fun.

- And when your appetite has been worked up from battling the spider-bots, you can head over to the Ant Man and the Wasp-inspired Pym Test Kitchen for foods and drinks of all sizes.

KAMILAH ROBINSON: Exciting things about Pym's Test Kitchen is we are shrinking problems and growing solutions.

- Utilizing the revolutionary shrink-and-grow technology of Pym particles, guests can enjoy tiny treats or shareable bites. And of course, you can't leave the new Disney Resorts land without indulging in some exclusive shopping at the all-new Web Suppliers store.

BRAD SCHOENEBERG: Like, how can we bring webs to the masses? So it started out as a role play toy, where you--

- Whoa!

BRAD SCHOENEBERG: --where you can shoot your own webs. Kids can make their own Gamma goo. You've got ways to make your own spiderwebs. You can color them, stretch them, use them.

- In addition to the gamma goo and spiderwebs, guests can take home their very own Iron Man technology or the same spider bots from the ride.

Avengers Campus isn't just fun, it's engaging. It's interactive. It's Marvel. The campus opens up to the next generation of superheroes this Friday.