1st trailer for A Quiet Place 2 plunges Emily Blunt into the apocalypse

Kathryn Krawczyk

A Quiet Place is back, and it's a lot louder than ever before.

John Krasinski, the director and star of A Quiet Place, revealed the trailer for the movie's sequel on Wednesday. It's set to come out in March, and pushes the whole family from the first film into a monster-ridden apocalypse — with a few more new characters joining the fight.

In the trailer, things are eerie from the start. Emily Blunt, Krasinski's on-screen and real-life wife, is driving down a small town street where people are unexplainably running everywhere. The reason quickly becomes apparent: There are some giant spider-like creatures taking over. We then see Blunt and her three children quietly exploring what looks like an abandoned factory, meeting a mysterious new man, and flashing through many more high-stress situations.

While Krasinski doesn't make an appearance in the trailer, likely due to what happened to his character at the end of the first movie, he did return to direct the sequel and was constantly spotted around the western New York area where it was filmed.

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