$2.79M Natick pool home is an oasis for entertaining: MetroWest real estate

The new owners of 5 Deer Path in Natick can dive right into enjoying their new home, purchased on July 18.

According to The Warren Group, which tracks real estate throughout New England, the 1.05-acre South Natick property was sold on July 18 for $2,795,000.

The seller was Kevin E. Brosmith, and the buyer was Stephen and Linda O'Leary, according to online records with the South Middlesex Registry of Deeds.

The large backyard pool looks inviting, especially with all hot weather we've been having this summer. Even when it's cooler, the pool is heated and there's a hot tub to warm up in.

In a desirable South Natick neighborhood just 6 minutes away from the Natick Community Organic Farm, the main dwelling built in 2001 has 5,418 square feet of living space, according to online records with the Natick Assessors. There's a guest house on the property with another 1,600 square feet, too. This ad on Zillow states the home has a total of more than 7,000 square feet of space in which to spread out, so perhaps they're counting the finished lower level.

Oasis at home: 39 photos of 5 Deer Path, Natick

Built in 2001, the home has an impressive grand foyer with a sweeping staircase to welcome visitors. Four fireplaces, including in the living and family rooms, will warm up winter evenings. All five bedrooms have their own baths, including the master that has a walk-in closet, and there's an office and a bonus room, too.

But the best spot in the home may be outdoors, where there the massive stone patio and sparkling pool area will surely be the center of activity. There's more in the lower level, too, where the new folks can enjoy a drink at the cherry wood bar, or work out in the gym and take a sauna.

Below is the entire list of MetroWest region homes sold during the week of July 18-22, compiled by The Warren Group. Established in 1872, The Warren Group is publisher of Banker & Tradesman, The Commercial Record and The Registry Review. The company's headquarters is in Peabody.


$1,390,000, 5 Wingate Ln, Tang, Xiaoyu to Morse, Brent.

$985,000, 81 Liberty St, Bulette, Jeffrey R to Ghatty, Pavan K.

$975,000, 14 Thoreau Rd, Gillispie, Thomas J to Kaplan, Joshua A.

$880,000, 95 School St, Berlied, Christopher N to Thomas, Justin F.

$875,000, 130 Newtown Rd, TRDN LLC to Oliveri, Joseph P.

$830,000, 51 Arlington St, Letter, Luke to Chen, Jerry F.

$813,000, 9 Pond View Dr, Debra Stark T to Saranathan, Manojkumar.

$770,000, 88 Summer St, Conklin, Daniel T to Stimpson, Christopher G.

$765,000, 14 Black Horse Dr, Omahen, Kenneth J to Kraai, Nathan.

$705,500, 15 Notre Dame Rd, Salahuddeen, Irfaan A to Coole, Matthew G.

$675,000, 29 Pope Rd, Spring Brook LLC to Fiore, Susan G.

$515,000, 642 Pheasant Hl #642, 642 Pheasant Hill RT to Cobi, Alban.

$475,000, 423 Great Elm Way #423, Nuvvula, Ramesh B to Gotety, Phaniraj K.

$380,000, 401 Great Rd #2, Green Ribbon LLC to Hickey, Laurajean.

$225,000, 405 Great Rd #13, Defalco, Dolores to Sang, Lu.


$850,000, 320-322 Cordaville Rd, Ullah, Ehsan to 320 Cordaville LLC.

$750,000, 16 Gray Birch Rd, Bench, Steven C to Barber, Alexander J.

$720,000, 3 Old Country Path, Sahasrabudhe, Sanjay K to Shank, James A.

$700,000, 23 Tower Rd, Gillen, Carol A to Chau, Qui.

$650,000, 30 Lakeside Dr, Grann, Barry C to Williams-Bales, James.

$545,000, 27 E Bluff Rd #27, Hamilton, Fredda to Soukieh, Lena.

$521,000, 9 Arrowhead Cir #9, Golijov, Silvia R to Singh, Siddharth.

$455,000, 295 Meeting House Path #295, Tigor RT to Pankov, Sergey I.

$450,000, 39 Longhill Rd, Hutchinson, Janice to Renteria, Lorena.

$430,000, 27 Pleasant St, Higgins 3rd, John F to Higgins, Shelby T.

$400,000, 43 Oregon Rd, Freedom Mortgage Corp to Pereira, Mauricio.

$325,000, 59 Tri St, Ahearn, Vicki A to 10 Sunshine Ave LLC.


$2,680,000, 59 Mildred Cir, West, Brooks to Burns, Robert.

$1,375,000, 240 Ministerial Dr, Fisher, Barbara S to Church, Megan M.

$1,300,000, 1237 Main St, CRJ Real Estate LLC to CJS Realty LLC.

$1,300,000, 348 Hayward Mill Rd, Ludwig, Lindsay to Mamao, Gustavo.

$1,053,000, 41-43 Central St, Agassiz Holdings LLC to Idrees, Safee.

$900,000, 10 Crest St, Agassiz Holdings LLC to Joncas, Aaron.

$775,000, 87 Prairie St, Trevor, Mary B to 87 Prairie RT.

$477,892, 45 Staffordshire Ln #45, Downing, Margaret R to Ryan, Matthew.


$2,200,000, 19 Farm St, Hooshmand, Iraj to Hooshmand, Susanne.

$1,610,000, 311 Dedham St, Kim, Kwang M to JR Dover T.

$1,325,000, 9 Hilltop Rd, 9 Hilltop Road NT to Mcintosh, Stephen.


$1,300,000, 32 Wayside Inn Rd, Gill, Janet L to Magalhaes, Romeu V.

$860,000, 22 Hawk Ln #22, Millwood Residential LLC to Shopnick, Barry A.

$797,000, 256 Edmands Rd, Shen, Zhuomin to Kim, Eunjoo.

$730,000, 12 William J Hts, Lenzi 2nd, E Vance to Filipi, Jesse.

$720,000, 20 Pinewood Dr, Beier, Thomas L to Parsons RT.

$635,000, 183 Arthur St, Do, Thuong to Shima, Melisa.

$615,000, 14 Debra Ln, Fuchs RT to Chen, Yixian.

$599,000, 14 Maymont Dr, Maymont RT to Shah, Nehul.

$590,000, 771 Edgell Rd, 771 Edgell Road RT to Dong, Yulu.

$570,000, 100 Ardmore Rd, Ryan, Christopher J to Lawlor, Heidi.

$540,000, 26 Edith Rd, Morrissey, Dawn M to Hoffman, Daniel.

$532,000, 17 Audrea Rd, Walls, Kristen E to Bedia-Diaz, Gonzalo.

$522,000, 69 Cottage St, Cohen Christopher D Est to Bernard, Zachary N.

$500,000, 4 Mayhew St, Layla Ventures LLC to 4 Mayhew LLC.

$450,000, 39 Pond St, Damerji, Malek to JP Dev Properties LLC.

$450,000, 77 Pine Ln, Cully Jr, Edmund J to Mccarthy, Noreen.

$405,000, 1105 Windsor Dr #1105, Crowley, Dennis M to Hussaini, Bakhtiar.

$358,500, 1500 Worcester Rd #212, Basil Gilman T to Diloffi, Anthony J.

$275,000, 15 Weld St #53, Pimenta, Walter to Goncalves, Josiah J.

$208,000, 41 Beulah St #4, Papovsky, Mikhail to Selvanaayagam, Rohith.

$155,000, 17 Weld St #34, PJDN LLC to Magalhaes, Marcos Z.

$150,000, 66 Warren Rd, Waterman, Rita to Waterman, Gerard J.


$1,299,900, 29 Hiawatha Trl, Li, Betty to Mandala, Ram K.

$1,050,000, 145 Morgans Way, Moran, Timothy P to Fijacko, Tomislav.

$1,016,850, 26 Governor Prence Way, Constitution Village LLC to Nechev, Vladimir.

$988,000, 15 Partridge Way, Sipsma, James W to Ryder, Matthew.

$840,000, 309 Willowgate Rise, Kosian, John H to Mcdonnell, Robert C.

$650,000, 82 Westfield Dr, Prajapati, Rakesh K to Hemaratne, Ajitha.

$643,000, 43 Ruth Ellen Rd, Joseph, Julian to Sullivan, Dylan.

$440,000, 78 Woodland St, Dunworth, Michael J to Haddad, Jihad.

$213,000, 610 Marshall St, Selent, Steven C to Selent, Steven C.


$1,168,000, 4 Peter Porcaro Dr, Beede, Charles H to Guan, Yongtao.

$917,033, 3 Hoyt Way #3, LFJ Development Corp to Norman, Lawrence.

$899,995, 81 Spruce St #81, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Nair, Sumodh.

$530,000, 12 Curtis Rd, Cersosimo, Danielle to Elferich, Johannes.

$350,000, 54 Cedar Street Ext, A F Hubley Testamentary T to Hubley 2nd, Eric S.


$800,000, 6 Falls Brook Rd, Sousa Sr, Tony E to Villas-Boas, Simone.

$690,000, 3 Orchard Dr, Sweeney, Lauri P to Antonelli-Zullo, Lauren.

$510,000, 5 Birchwood Rd, Silveira Jr, Edward J to Danielson, Paul.

$470,000, 15 Seneca Dr, Hahn, Michael M to Gandek, James.

$296,000, 425 Main St #19B, Vonbusch, David P to Sosnoff, Jodi.

$250,000, 136 Central St #C9, Macdonald Jr, John D to Wong, Andy.


$917,000, 85 Dufresne Dr, Paruthi, Vidhi to Kannan, Arunachalam.

$635,000, 820 Boston Post Rd E, Boston Post Assoc LLC to El Judicial LLC.

$599,900, 27 Jefferson St #206, 27 Jefferson LLC to Wright, Daniel W.

$567,000, 23 Paquin Dr, Ohri, Anil K to Escobar, Pablo.

$525,000, 69 Houde St, Rothenberg, Douglas L to Roy, Bryan.

$460,000, 199 Essex St, Fogg Bernd FT to Mejia, Carlos R.

$441,000, 81 Fremont St, Deeb, Victor M to Moeisha Properties LLC.

$412,000, 43 Curtis Ave #C, Emerson, Brendan J to Bamford Jr, Raymond L.

$375,000, 654 Stevens St, 654 Stevens Street RT to Leonard, Christopher T.

$375,000, 43 Chase Rd, Raymond FT to Galvao, Rogerio.

$335,000, 52 Emmett St, Cannon Jr, Charles to Huang, Mei.


$725,000, 52 Waltham St, White, James D to Ferdous, Maheen.

$600,000, 13 Roosevelt St, Zapata, Cindy K to Peabody, Jay R.

$495,000, 122 Parker St, Ringuette, Melissa G to Serratos-Fuentes, Maria P.


$2,795,000, 5 Deer Path, Brosmith, Kevin E to O'Leary, Stephen

$1,850,000, 15 Davis Brook Dr, Choi, Yumin to Rogerson, Sean.

$1,702,900, 7 Whitridge Rd, Charters, John A to Craig Kublin RET.

$850,000, 6 Huntington St, Berk, Jeffrey S to Latorraca Butters FT.

$850,000, S Natick Hills Condo #2, Miriam Boyajian RET to Repose, Richard S.

$800,000, 3 Burning Tree Rd, May, Robert C to Mega, Yair.

$726,000, 110 North Ave #110, Buruzula, Teresa to Karpova, Larisa V.

$640,000, 4 Windsor Ave, Filledes, Florence M to Gatto, Scott C.

$595,000, 6-1/2 Cabot St, Khanna, Tarun to Mondrik, Nicholas P.

$550,000, 3 Point St, Jo Ellen T to Alves, Marcelo M.

$520,000, 247 Oak St, Bhattacharyya, Raja to 247 Oak Street Rt LLC.

$483,000, 30-1/2 West St, Intinarelli Edith A Est to JKJ West LLC.

$425,000, 1 Quince St, Hall Kathleen Est to Connelly, Mary.

$25,000, 67 Union St #204, Sullivan, Marianne to Garas, Kareem H.

$25,000, 67 Union St #401, Sullivan, Marianne to Waguin-Hanna, Sylvia.

$25,000, 67 Union St #3A, Sullivan, Marianne to Garas, Kareem H.

$25,000, 67 Union St #3B, Sullivan, Marianne to Garas, Kareem H.

$25,000, 67 Union St #3C, Sullivan, Marianne to Garas, Kareen H.

$25,000, 67 Union St #4-2, Sullivan, Marianne to Waguin-Hanna, Sylvia.


$1,200,000, 1 Smith Rd, Nancy P Harlan RET to Wong, Sing W.

$1,065,000, 27 Beechwood Cir, Murgo Jr, Dominic S to Ridgewell, Clinton J.

$820,000, 169 Pleasant St, Ronald, Doctor to Bunaciu, Irina M.

$790,000, 18 Cherlyn Dr, Ransden, Eric S to Zhang, Qinghao.

$640,000, 46 Milk Porridge Cir, Lin, Roger J to Giles-Radley, Nathaniel.

$625,000, 40 Davis St, Bunaciu, Irina M to Favreau, Samuel.


$850,000, 21 Spywood Rd, Thomas Ernest R Est to Filho, Paulo.


$1,200,000, 34 Cross St, Heywood Estates LLC to Batra, Arvind K.

$870,000, 32 Trowbridge Ln, Wallace, Ryan M to Subramanian, Sokkalingam.

$835,000, 10 Berkshire Rd, Brick, James L to Zaniar-Hoseini, Seied.

$675,000, 40 Richard Ave, Catherine C Cosmo RT to Kandasamy, Balasundar.

$660,000, 9 Notchbrook Rd, Vasanthi Arakali RET to Chintalapudi, Sumana R.

$565,000, 8 Westview Ave, Saunier, Michael to Mcnamara, Sherrie.

$530,786, 41 Lebeaux Dr #41, Chehadeh, Mohamad A to Ahmed, Wasim R.

$522,000, 43 Holman St, Sweeney, James T to Barter, Sheila.

$445,000, 34 Edgemere Blvd, Giguere, Kelly A to Bonilla, Jose.

$420,000, 42 Manor Rd, Rohtstein, Gregory R to Coutinho, Taylor M.

$183,945, 4 View St, Dagli, Delia to Dagli, Caner K.


$1,375,000, 9 Fiddle Neck Ln, Osetek RT to Luan, Linyus.

$885,000, 5 Sarsenstone Way, Chafetz-Lunder, Pamela to Gilman, Alex S.

$675,000, 32 Woodbury Rd, Walzer, David F to Harris, James.

$525,000, 4 Winchester St, Taylor, Christopher C to Andrus, Max G.


$1,450,000, 75 Dunster Dr, Burke, Scott E to Shifman, Noah.

$1,369,000, 31 Hale Rd, Hale Road RT to Wall, Winona M.

$605,000, 68 Pompositticutt St, Pelletier, Kristine M to Mcguire, Derek J.

$565,000, 98 Gleasondale Rd, Bass, Andrew J to Dimas, Konstantinos.

$315,000, 49 White Pond Rd, J&K T to Larocca Prop Holdings LLC.

$109,300, 63 Lowell Dr, Duval, Rebecca J to Duval, Rebecca J.


$1,650,000, 33 Fox Run Rd, Simon, Richard L to Geiler, Anton L.

$1,630,000, 21 Patricia Rd, Murphy, Robert P to Cabrera, Dario.

$1,538,800, 88 Atkinson Ln, Wu, Pengcheng to Qiu, Li.

$1,325,000, 30 Meadow Dr, Melissa G Stolper FT to Palakurthi, Anokh.

$1,290,000, 53 Thunder Rd, Obrien, Robert F to Liu, Hanmeng.

$1,062,500, 22 Parmenter Rd, Harriott, Jesse S to Palmieri, John.

$925,000, 6 Old County Rd #16, Sen, Mehmet A to Berger, Wallace E.

$845,000, 11 Blueberry Hill Ln, Cummings Jr, Thomas J to Jorgensen, Luke.

$650,000, 22 Pine St, Huang, Li Yun to Evans, Clifford.


$2,505,000, 4 Cobblestone Cir, Hornstein, Neil F to Adam H Kaufman T 2010.

$1,325,000, 46 Woodridge Rd, Myron L Belfer T to Kachroo, Aashiq.

$930,000, 1702 Bayberry Ln #1702, 1702 Bayberry Lane NT to Meynard, Arlette.

$780,000, 6 Aqueduct Rd, Aqueduct Road RT to Perez-Torres, Jose P.

$720,000, 27 Hillside Dr #27, Hollis L Gray T to Janine D Kurth RET.


$3,150,000, 18 Linwood Rd, Kislal, Berk N to Chen, Yonghua.

$2,000,000, 200-202 Washington St, Fairbow Residentials LLC to 200-204 Wa Street LLC.

$2,000,000, 120 Forest St, Harrington, John J to Bernhard, Frederic R.

$2,000,000, 39 Fieldstone Way #39, Wellesley Residential LLC to Rubin, Elyse H.

$1,950,000, 3 Livermore Rd, Fawcett, Daniel W to Murray FT.

$1,900,000, 11 Denton Rd, Kim, John S to Gibbs, Marshall S.

$1,786,000, 24 Kimlo Rd, Upadhyay, Vivek to Mohler, George.

$1,700,000, 59 Fairbanks Ave, 59 Fairbanks Avenue RT to Eagan, Edward.

$1,210,000, 20 Tappan Rd, Slawsby, Lauri R to Sola, Francis.

$1,182,500, 73 Prospect St, Conant 3rd, Gilman W to Arsenault Jr, Ronald J.

$1,100,000, 39 College Rd, Reif Katherine E Est to 39 College Rd LLC.

$900,000, 79 Alba Rd, Constance Langevin RET to JR Development Group LLC.


$990,000, 12 Reverend Thomas Hooker Rd, Visser, John A to Krubai, Vignesh.

$765,000, 2 Moses Wheelock Ln #2, Ahuja, Prashant to George, Thomas.

$650,000, 26 Crestview Dr, Thompson Jr, George M to Sadozai, Urfan K.

$632,500, 5 Jefferson Rd, Oberg, Staffan P to Gadave, Shailesh.

$536,355, 1106 Peters Farm Way #1106, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Blanchard FT.

$535,000, 2213 Talbot Way #2213, Leavitt, Leann E to VanEtten, Diana C.

$435,500, 1 Treetop Park #1, Johnson, Katherine R to Kathavarayan, Vigneish.

$425,000, 60 Flanders Rd, Parikh, Vineet to Huegel, Matthew P.

$414,325, 1111 Peters Farm Way #1111, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Miller, Brett M.

$384,200, 1110 Peters Farm Way #1110, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Briggs-Peters, Carolyn.

$373,025, 1104 Peters Farm Way #1104, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Ahearn, Vicki A.

$352,235, 1103 Peters Farm Way #1103, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Dawson, Anne E.

$275,000, 149 Milk St #21, Barbosa, Kaio to Pfost, Jared E.

$266,000, 151 Milk St #7, Kotob, Vanessa to Tawakli, Ameer H.

$240,000, 145 Milk St #5, Doan, Lori to Haddad, Jihad.

$240,000, 147 Milk St #5, Doan, Lori to Haddad, Jihad.

$240,000, 151 Milk St #5, Doan, Lori to Haddad, Jihad.


$4,051,000, 25 Bridle Path, Margolis, Diane M to Horton, Robert E.

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