2,903% Higher Demand for Trump-Themed Halloween Favors, Reports MyCustomCandy.com

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TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- With the polls currently reporting an overwhelming majority of Americans who plan to vote (currently Biden at 51% compared to Trump's 40%), MyCustomCandy owner Sarah Hannington expected to see a large demand for her Biden-themed custom Halloween candy packs. "I knew that election related Halloween bags would be interesting with how passionate everyone is about the election this year. I created a few designs, a Biden, a Trump, and a Vote 2020 version."

MyCustomCandy is a Florida-based company who specializes in custom branded candy for well-known brands including Kim Kardashian's Kimoji brand, J.Crew, Google and more.

Hannington designed custom-labelled individually wrapped packages of various Halloween candy types and listed them at $28 for 24 packages to hand out to trick-or-treaters.

Hannington expected a large demand for the Biden-themed candy based on the poll results and prepared her inventory accordingly.

After running 30 days of Halloween-related ads that weren't specific to either party, she was shocked at how the demand came in:

6,519 viewing her Trump-themed candy
288 viewing in her Biden-themed candy

A 2,263% higher demand for the Trump-themed candy? How could that possibly be?

"I was surprised because the general demographics that we target are a younger group of people that I was sure would be more interested in a Biden themed candy."

Even more surprising to Hannington, several of her Trump candy orders came in from California.

In terms of election results, Hannington has no idea how it will play out but says nothing at this point will surprise her. She also says she will plan her inventory based on her own survey results for the future.

Sarah Hannington


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