2-alarm fire burning in Woodhaven, Queens

The fire broke out inside the multi-family home on 85th Street in Woodhaven at around 5:10 a.m. Wednesday.

Video Transcript


- And you're looking at live pictures from Newscopter 7. This is from street spotter 7. You can see us at the intersection 85th street and 88th Avenue. This is in the Woodhaven section of Queens.

This is a two-alarm fire that appears to be being brought under control. We can take you right down there with Newscopter 7. Looks like the fire in a two story apartment building, and we now see heavy damage out the rear of the building here.

Again, the flames look like they've been knocked down. We can see firefighters operating inside of this building. Initially, we were told that one firefighter may have suffered an injury after falling through a staircase. We don't have an update on that situation right now. But again, two-alarm fire being brought under control in Woodhaven.