2 arrested after ‘chaotic’ shooting inside Chinatown-International District restaurant

Seattle police say they’re “attempting to untangle a chaotic scene” after an argument led to a shooting inside a restaurant in the Chinatown-International District.

Police responded to the restaurant located in the 200 block of South King Street at about 12:30 a.m. Saturday after witnesses called to report the incident.

Arriving officers spoke with witnesses who told them that two women were “arguing over an ex-boyfriend and perceived slight” just before the shooting broke out.

Police did not release surveillance video of this incident, but shared a detailed description of the events captured by the video, along with a disclaimer: “We know this is confusing so just bear with us.”

The video shows Woman 1 approaching Woman 2 while she is sitting at the bar.

Woman 1 then assaults Woman 2, which causes a physical fight.

Man 2 and Man 1 approach the two female subjects, before Man 1 assaults Woman 2 from behind.

Man 2 then gets in a physical altercation with Man 1.

At some point in the video, Man 2 and Man 1 are separated and Man 2 appears to pull a knife out of his pocket.

Man 2 assaults Man 1 from behind with what appears to be stabbing motions to Man 1′s back.

A bystander then takes Man 2 to the ground and holds him down there.

Man 3 appears, with his firearm aimed toward Man 2 who has the knife at this time.

While Man 2 is being held down on the ground, Man 1 approaches Man 2 and shoots him.

Man 1 then approaches Man 3, who is exiting the building.

Man 3 then shoots Man 1.

The two men who were directly involved in the physical altercation were arrested by police.

They are being treated for injuries at Harborview Medical Center and will be booked into King County Jail once they are released from the hospital.

The third man involved in this incident was not arrested and had a valid concealed carry permit, according to police. His firearm was taken as evidence.

The investigation into this incident is ongoing.