2 brothers shot outside Midtown McDonald's

The brothers were riding scooters when they got into a confrontation with a group, police said. One of them died at the scene.

Video Transcript

- What we have here is-- we're right here, at the McDonald's, at Pierce and Main. We had a group of individuals on scooters going through the streets. Two of the brothers, that were in the group, left the group and came through the parking area of the McDonald's. At that point, they came across another group that was standing by a vehicle. They exchanged words. At some point, it escalated into a disturbance with weapons. At that point, one of the groups began to shoot-- unknown if both groups were shooting.

But at this point, we do have, known, two males that have been shot-- one deceased, one still at the hospital, a third possible victim, female victim. If you have any information, please call the Houston Police Department. And that is all we have at this point. No other information on the suspects/ No descriptions at this point. But we are working on gathering information and video as well.

UNKNOWN BYSTANDER: [? Gladys ?] says that there's two victims.