2 New Castle Residents, Business Owners Arrested For Alleged Involvement In U.S. Capitol Riots

Two New Castle residents were arrested Friday morning for their alleged involvement in the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot. KDKA's Jessica Guay has more.

Video Transcript

- There is breaking news at 6:00. Two owners of a local contracting business are now facing charges in the Capitol riot. Philip Vogel II and Debra Maimone are both from New Castle. And it was a story that aired on KDKA late last year that helped federal investigators identify Vogel.

Good evening. The two operated their business in Stowe Township, and we are finding out more about the two from federal documents. Jessica Guay is live with what she has learned today. Jessica.

JESSICA GUAY: Yes. As you said, the two arrested today run a business here in Stowe Township. They're accused of pushing through law enforcement to storm the Capitol and stealing police equipment. Let's take a look at some of the images that were captured that day of the two.

We're told police apprehended Philip Vogel II and Debra Maimone this morning. They're from New Castle. Court documents state Vogel is the owner and Maimone is the president of Vera General Contracting and Cleaning Services. They're facing federal charges including theft of property of $1,000 or less, knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds, and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

Police used surveillance cameras to identify the two. They allegedly joined a group pushing through law enforcement and forced their way into the US Capitol January 6. Police say Maimone put a gas mask into Vogel's backpack while they were in the building. Police accused them of going through and taking police equipment.

Now we also learned that another way that Vogel was identified was from a story that we did in October about a boat rescue. He was one of the fishermen that was actually saved that day. And authorities got information about the two on Facebook posts and a Parler account. Live in Stowe Township, Jessica Guay, KDKA News.