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2 Central Park ice rinks to close after city severs ties with Trump Organization

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The Trump Organization is closing two ice skating rinks in Central Park after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio severed their contract in the wake of the deadly Capitol riot. CBS New York's Carolyn Gusoff reports.

Video Transcript

- A picture-perfect winter wonderland in Central Park, if not for the heartbroken skaters. This season abruptly cut short. Wollman Rink and Lasker Rink on the park's North end will close after Sunday's sessions because the city is severing ties with the Trump organization that runs the rinks.

- Everyone was absolutely devastated. Every kid, their parents, the coaches. Kids are paying the price for something that they had nothing to do with.

- The director of Ice Hockey in Harlem breaking the news to 200 players, among them 12-year-old Vaneshka Caraballo.

- It's going to be a nightmare since I am, literally, stuck at home having nothing to do.

- The de Blasio administration announced it would cut ties with Trump after the Capitol riot, terminating leases on February 26th. Eric Trump, executive vice president of the Trump organization, calls it a purely political stunt that only hurts New Yorkers and will destroy the only outdoor activity available to children during a pandemic.

- They'll shut rinks Sunday to allow time to move out. No word yet on refunds on season passes, lessons, hockey clubs.

- It's a blow to all of New York.

- It's purely politically motivated. It's not going to harm Trump at all. Who it's going to harm are these young kids.

- With just a month and a half left in the season, high school seniors who grew up on the ice are hoping their petition can save Wollman.

- So much has been taken away from us this year, and this was one thing that was kind of holding us all together. It's only, like, six more weeks that we're asking for.

- This rink isn't about Trump, Trump doesn't come here. Trump-- he's never here, and it's about us.

- And it's not just the two ice skating rinks. A spokesman for the mayor said last month the Trump organization's been impeached from operating the carousel in Central Park and its golf course in the Bronx too. The city is looking for replacement concessionaires. No comment from the mayor's office yet on the impact on thousands of families. In Central Park, Carolyn Gusoff, CBS 2 News.