2 Dallas Officers Shot, 2 People Found Dead After Hours-Long Standoff

An hours-long standoff in the Knox-Henderson area of Dallas ended with two officers shot and two people found dead, according to police.

Video Transcript

- Let's get to some breaking news right now where the search for the person who shot and wounded two Dallas police officers is over. The initial scene was a call to Bonita Avenue, North of downtown, and that is where we find CBS 11's JD Miles this afternoon. JD, what can you tell us?

JD MILES: Brooke, what happened here brings attention to the dangers officers face every day while responding to domestic disturbances. It happened in that house right there. The small wood frame house that's gray with the window broken. That's where it's believed a man shot and killed his wife before turning the gun on himself. Before that though, he fired on arriving officers in Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia credits firefighters for possibly saving the lives of those wounded officers.

This video, recorded by a witness, shows Dallas fire rescue paramedics carrying one of two wounded police officers to an ambulance. That's after gunfire rang out in this uptown neighborhood where Dallas officers responded to a shooting on the 5300 block of Bonita. The officers were taken to a nearby hospital where Chief Eddie Garcia revealed that both wounds were not life threatening. Meanwhile, SWAT officers surrounded the home where a shooting was reported before officers arrived. After nearly three hours, officers entered the home and found the suspect dead, as well as a woman believed to be his wife.

- I would be remiss if I did not point out the amazing work of our fire department who actually provided cover for our police officers to extract our wounded officers out of the scene. I can't thank them enough for that.

- Streets have been blocked off around the scene for hours. Now it's limited to just the area around the home. Homicide detectives will now try to piece together what led to this murder-suicide. Live in Dallas, JD Miles, CBS 11 News.