2 dead, 1 hurt in shooting near Evanston Township High School

Three men were shot, two of them fatally, Friday afternoon in north suburban Evanston, about a block from Evanston Township High School.

Video Transcript

EVELYN HOLMES: Well, the update is, is that investigators are still here on the scene gathering information, gathering clues, just hours after this deadly shooting. Now police investigators, who were here at the scene earlier, said that the shooting was definitely targeted, but they would not say if it was gang related.

Dozens of bullet casings are proof of the violence that erupted here just hours ago, after a gunman opened fire on three people, leaving two men dead and a teenager wounded, as they sat on the porch of this Evanston home.

DEMITROUS COOK: We believe it may be a targeted incident. We can't talk on that right now, but we have a NORTAF investigators here working to try to solve this crime.

EVELYN HOLMES: Members of the North Regional Major Crimes Task Force have joined the Evanston Police Department's investigation into the fatal shooting.

Officers rushed to the 1800 block of Hovland Court around 11:45 this morning after residents called 911 about hearing shots fired.

DEMITROUS COOK: One lady said that the gentleman was sitting on the porch and the next thing she knew, she heard gunshots.


DEMITROUS COOK: And when we got here we found the young men, two deceased, on the scene here and one injured, shot in the leg.

EVELYN HOLMES: The crime scene is about a block from Evanston Township High School. Investigators say all three victims were taken to an area hospital where the two critically wounded victims were pronounced dead. Their identities have not been released.

Police have a vague description of the suspect, who witnesses say they saw running North from the scene across Emerson Street.

DEMITROUS COOK: Just want our community to know that we're going to be diligent about apprehending these shooters. We don't want that in our community, and we're going to work tirelessly to bring resolution to this crime.

EVELYN HOLMES: Now, investigators say they are at the hospital talking to that injured teenager. They also say they know the caliber of weapon that was used but will not share quite that information. Still working on a motive, but again, they said that they believe it was most likely targeted but would not call it gang related. They will only say about the victims that they are Evanston residents. We do not know if they were known to police prior to this or if there were any other incidents at the home in recent days.