Woman fears relatives were killed in overnight East Freeway crash

An HPD officer spotted a driver on the freeway traveling at least 100 mph and tried to catch up to them. By the time they did, that driver had collided with at least two other cars.

Video Transcript

- Get you to some breaking news on the East freeway. At least two people were killed after Houston police say they were hit by a driver going more than 100 miles per hour.

- Three vehicles are involved in that wreck, and it has all the eastbound lanes closed at Normandy. ABC 13's Courtney Fischer is live now with what we know about this accident. Good morning, Courtney.

- Good morning, Stephen. Yeah, we're still waiting for an update from HPD. That's why we're here in this parking lot off the freeway right now. But you can see the leftover wreckage from that horrific crash up there. Again, all lanes, eastbound lane closed right now here at the Normandy cross section. I want to show you some video from overnight.

Here's what we know. And again, this is really preliminary information. Apparently this whole thing started with some kind of a police chase. We're told that an HPD officer saw a driver going more than 100 miles per hour down the freeway, so the officer just started following. And then they kind of crested a hill. And as the officer comes over that hill, we're told that he sees that car going 100 miles per hour, hit two to three other vehicles. One of those cars caught fire.

And again, two people were killed. A third person has been taken to Memorial Hermann. We know that person suffered from serious critical burns this morning. We're still waiting for an update on how that person is doing. Again, we just see HPD arriving to the scene, so we're going to go get this quick interview and we'll keep you posted. Check back in in about 30 minutes with an update.