2 dead in Virginia Beach oceanfront shootings

Police in Virginia Beach say two people died and eight people were injured in two shootings along the city's oceanfront. (March 27)

Video Transcript

- Approximately 11 o'clock or shortly after 11:00 PM this night, we had an original crime scene at 20th and Atlantic, in which numerous shots were fired. Hit approximately eight victims, give or take, from this location. While officers were actively working that crime scene, we had additional shots that were fired in the area of 20th and Pacific. That resulted in an individual being confronted by a uniformed Virginia Beach Police officer, resulting in a police intervention shooting. That individual is deceased.

We also have a second deceased individual that was not part of the police intervention shooting. We don't believe it was part of the original shooting behind us. What you can see is, we have a very chaotic incident, a very chaotic night in the beach. As you can see, many different crime scenes, a lot of work ahead for us tonight, but we appreciate you coming out and getting the information out to the community that right now everything is stable, and we'll be doing our due diligence to find the people involved in this and hold them accountable.