2 deputies shot, residents asked to ‘shelter in place’ as standoff underway in North Carolina

Two deputies were shot while conducting a welfare check at a Watauga County home Wednesday afternoon.

Video Transcript

ALLISON SMITH: Katie, yes, some terrifying moments today. We do know that one of the deputy's shot is being treated at a hospital. The second deputy's condition, though, remains unclear, and at last check, he was inside the home. So the staging area here is Mt. Vernon Baptist Church. This is also a school. So at about three o'clock this afternoon, parents packed this parking lot, waiting to pick up their kids after the standoff forced the school to go into a soft lockdown. We talked to a mom who was in line anxiously awaiting to be with her children again.

- It's been nerve wracking, but mostly, just my heart is going out to these officers who are in this situation. So I'm going to feel a lot better, once I get my kids in my car, and we're heading out of here.

- All right, so this morning, we talked to county deputies. They were called out to Hardiman's Circle when deputies made their way inside the home. They were met with gunfire. That is when someone inside the house started shooting at deputies, and as I mentioned earlier, two were injured.

A Sheriff's office spokesperson says the shooter remains barricaded inside the house and from time to time is firing shots at law enforcement on the scene. In the last 30 minutes, I have seen several other law enforcement agencies here in the parking lot showing up to assist the Watauga County Sheriff's Office. Of course, we are going to continue to cover this story through the night, until the standoff ends. Katie and Neil, back to you.