2 drivers killed in multi-vehicle crash in Madera County

The driver of a Toyota Camry traveling on Avenue 15 drifted into the opposite lane and crashed into a Dodge pickup, and then into a Chevy Malibu.

Video Transcript

- We're following breaking news out of Madera County, where the CHP has confirmed two people have died following a head-on traffic collision. We have an action news crew at the scene. Here's the view now from our live camera that's out at the scene of that crash. Things starting to clear up, you can see that the investigation appears to be over at this location. The collision happened around 2:15 this afternoon near the intersection of Avenue 15 and Road 37.

Investigators say a Toyota Camry was traveling west on Avenue 15 when the car drifted into eastbound lanes of traffic. And that's when that Toyota slammed head-on with a Dodge pickup truck. That collision caused the Toyota to spin out of control and hit a third car, a Chevy Malibu. Officers confirmed that the driver of the Toyota and the Chevy both died. The third driver's condition is not known at this time. A cause for this crash-- an official cause for this crash-- is still under investigation tonight.