2 elephants escaped a circus in Russia and rolled around in the snow before being recaptured

asian elephants
asian elephants


  • Two circus elephants in Russia made a run for it on Thursday.

  • The circus troupe was in the process of loading the animals into a truck when they walked away.

  • The female elephant, Karla, rolled around in the snow in the city of Yekaterinburg.

  • A dozen people had to assist in bringing the elephants back into custody.

Two circus elephants were recaptured after they spent some time gallivanting through the streets of Yekaterinburg, Russia on Thursday.

The elephants — Karla and Ranni — belonged to an Italian company that ran a show in the city over the New Year holiday, according to the Associated Press. 


Residents of the third-largest city were shocked to see the two large animals wandering the snowy streets. 

The circus told the AP that the elephants escaped when their troupe tried to load them into a truck to head to their next destination. The elephants resisted and walked away.

Ranni, the male elephant, stayed in the area of the loading dock. Karla, however, decided to trek across a busy street and roll around in the snow. 

The animals' handlers finally got a rope around Karla's legs and, with the help of a dozen people, took her back into circus custody. 


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