2 Firefighters Hospitalized After Mayday Call During South Chicago Blaze

There was a major scare Monday night for some Chicago firefighters as they fought a blaze in South Chicago Monday night. CBS 2's Jermont Terry reports.

Video Transcript

- But we begin with breaking news. A big scare for some Chicago firefighters tonight.

- Yeah, that's right. CBS News Jermont Terry live on the scene of a mayday call in the South Chicago neighborhood. Jermont?

JERMONT TERRY: [? Brad ?] and [? Erica, ?] Chicago Fire still dealing with a few hot spots as they're trying to get this fire under control. It's been burning for a few hours now. Now at one point, firefighters entered the house. But they were forced to quickly retreat.


- Mayday, mayday.

JERMONT TERRY: Now what you're hearing there is that mayday call. It came after a fire flash went off on the top floor when firefighters were inside the building.

Now the fire department telling us that at least two officers became disoriented when they realized-- when that flash went off, they didn't know how to-- where they came in and where they-- how to get out. So therefore, they had to go inside and help those firefighters.

Now at one point, they needed help getting out of the burning house. Now two firefighters were taken-- taken to the hospital, including one that we have video of on a stretcher. He is now listed in good condition. We're told that six people were inside this home when it all happened. Thankfully, all of them got out safely.

But the scene here along 86th street, right off S. Chicago, is massive as Chicago Fire-- they're telling us they also had some difficulties with some frozen fire hydrants in this area as well. That's the very latest. Reporting live with breaking news in South Chicago, Jermont Terry, CBS 2 News.

- Thank you, Jermont.