2 grand juries are reportedly investigating Trump in Georgia

Subpoenas are coming.

There are now not one, but two grand juries underway in Fulton County, Georgia, where District Attorney Fani Willis is investigating former President Donald Trump for allegedly interfering with and pressuring state election officials as they recounted votes from the 2020 presidential election, The Daily Beast reports. The jurors in the secret proceedings are reportedly expected to issue subpoenas demanding documents and recordings related to the investigation. "I suspect that's in the very near future," Willis told The Daily Beast.

Willis does not have an easy task ahead of her. For starters, The Daily Beast notes it's rare for a regional prosecutor to target a former president (although, Trump may be the exception to the rule). But the public integrity unit leading the investigation is also still being assembled after earlier iterations of the unit struggled to achieve success in previous non-Trump-related cases. That said, they do have "a trove of evidence" against Trump, The Daily Beast writes, including phone call recordings already published by The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. Read more about the investigation and the checkered history of Fulton County's public integrity unit at The Daily Beast.

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