2 New Jersey moms share emotional journey with daughters for kidney transplants

Two mothers from Burlington, New Jersey, share similar stories about what Mother's Day this spring means to them. Both went through emotional journeys involving kidney donation.

Video Transcript

- The story of two very special mother daughter relationships as we approach Mother's Day. These relationships include some loving gift giving. No, make that life saving gift giving. Action News community journalist Ashley Johnson has the story.

- That picture is touching to me every time I see it. It was the first hug I received from my daughter in over a year.

- This picture captures the unconditional love between a mother and her daughter.

- You know, I can just [INAUDIBLE].

- A little more than two months ago, on March 2, Desi Askew blessed her mother with a life saving gift, her own kidney.

- She's always been a giving person and just a lot of love, a lot of love.

- Despite her mother's hesitation, Desi knew she would be her mother's kidney donor. Dr. Sabrina Sturgis Riley was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2018 and placed on the National Kidney Registry. But her daughter had much bigger plans.

DESI ASKEW: To see my mom get old. I want to see her get old.

- The two hold each other tight going into this Mother's Day.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: And another mother and daughter at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital share a similar life saving experience. In this case, Leigh Donadieu from Medford, New Jersey donated her kidney.

Her daughter, 18-year-old Ruth Donadieu, was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease over a year ago.

LEIGH DONADIEU: She's fine, today, thanks to [? chop, ?] and she will be fine tomorrow. And in the meantime, there is someone in the United States, who is alive, who got my kidney. Because of her daughter's situation, Leigh made the conscious decision to donate a kidney. The organ went to someone else in critical need as her daughter's disease is currently stable. Two very proud moms, raising awareness about the importance of the National Kidney Registry.

- But I had the opportunity to do everything that I could to make sure that happened, and it was out of my hands. But I, at least, wanted to do all that I could do.

- Both, also, thankful for the gift of life. Ashley Johnson, Channel 6, Action News.