2 killed, multiple people wounded in South Side shooting early Sunday morning

At least 15 people have been shot in Chicago this weekend.

Video Transcript

- A few details from officials. I can tell you this is a massive police and fire department presence. You can see behind us there are still multiple ambulances, fire trucks, as well as police vehicles on the scene, all of these flashing lights, as well as many bystanders.

Unclear if these people were here or showing up in the aftermath at this point. We haven't been able to have any conversations with people on the scene here. But this is a very active scene, lots of people around here.

Police telling me they can confirm several people shot, but they are not giving us specific numbers at this point the shooting, according to police, happened at 6758 South Chicago Avenue. So we're now trying to figure out what kind of facility this is, what might have been going on here.

And again, back here live, you can see just a massive presence, both police and fire officials on the scene here. And of course, we unfortunately, cover shootings all the time. And I have to tell you, I don't know if I've seen this many fire vehicles and police vehicles at a single shooting incident that I have reported on, on a weekend.

So I can tell you this is a massive presence. At this point, again, police are not telling us how many people have been. Shot they're still trying to figure that out. But at this point, officials say several people shot.

I saw one person being taken away on a stretcher. The stretcher was being wheeled slowly, so that is reassuring news. And at this point, it looks like they are not bringing any more people out from the scene here. But again, several people shot at 6758 South Chicago Avenue, according to police. We'll bring you the latest information when we have it.