2 killed after crash between Amtrak train, car in SW Fresno

Less than 24 hours after tragedy struck these southwest Fresno tracks, a growing memorial sits at Maple and Central avenues.

Video Transcript

- Turning now to breaking news, an Amtrak train is stopped in Fresno County after appearing to have collided with a vehicle on the tracks. Let's get right to Action News reporter, Nathalie Granda, who joins us now live from Central and Maple Avenues with the very latest. Nathalie.

NATHALIE GRANDA: Yeah, well, Alissa, this tragic accident happened here between Maple and Cedar along Central. I'm going to step aside so you can see what we do know. And what we just got confirmed a few moments ago is that there are two people dead from this accident. Police say that the people in this car tried to go around the crossing arms that were down as the train was coming through. However, again, they decided to go around the arms. That's when they were hit and dragged several feet down these train tracks.

We do know that there were people on board the train at the time of the accident as well, at least over 20 people is what we know of so far. No injuries of anyone that was on the train. Several units here from Fresno Police Department. I can tell you I saw some from the Fresno County Sheriff's Office here as well, all here still investigating. We are getting more details and getting new details. And we will bring you those on air and online as well. But for now, again, two people confirmed dead that we know of right now. We do not know their identities. We do know that they are two adult males.