2 killed in fiery Tesla crash that took 4 hours to extinguish

The Tesla's high-energy batteries on board continued to reignite as firefighters tried to get to the two people inside.

Video Transcript

- Two people are dead after their Tesla caught fire, and it took firefighters four hours to put it out.

- Yeah, such an awful scene here. This happened in the Woodlands. And you can see not much of that car was left once the flames were put out. The Tesla crashed into a tree around 9:00 last night, then it caught fire.

It happened at a curve in the road on Hammock Dunes Place. Firefighters say those high-energy batteries in the Tesla kept reigniting. And they had to keep dousing those flames with water; finally putting them out and finding the two bodies of those men inside. The medical examiner is now working to identify them.